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Title:Java Concurrency & Multithreading Complete Course in 2 Hours | Zero to Hero | Interview Questions

In this video , I have covered all the important concepts related to Multithreading and Concurrency in Java , covering some of the very important interview questions like synchronization , volatile keyword , producer consumer pattern , deadlocks etc. 00:00:00 - What to expect in the Course? 00:02:26 - Multitasking 00:06:00 - Difference between Thread and a Process 00:10:28 - Threads in Java 00:12:50 -The Main Thread 00:15:33 - Thread Creation in Java 16:31 - Extending Thread Class to create a Thread 24:30 - Implementing Runnable 28:30 - Deep Diving into the Thread Class 00:39:19 - Synchronization in Java 40:26 - Race Condition and Introduction to Concurrency 41:39 - Synchronization Demo with Stacks (Synchronized Methods and Synchronized Blocks) 52:44 - Using Objects as Locks 1:02:09 - Synchronization in Static Methods 1:03:45 - Rules of Synchronization 1:05:55 - Race Condition 1:06:55 - Thread Safety 01:07:20 - The Volatile Keyword 01:10:46 - Using the Volatile Keyword in Singleton Design Pattern 01:14:45 - Producer Consumer Problem (Designing a Blocking Queue) (Introducing wait() and notify()) 01:31:45 - Thread States and Thread Transitions 01:36:17 - Running and Yielding of a Thread 01:37:20 - Sleeping and Waking Up of a Thread 01:39:07 - Waiting and Notifying of a Thread 01:42:28 - Thread Timed Out 01:43:36 - Interruption of a Thread 01:44:00 - Thread Joining 01:48:19 - Thread Priority 01:49:56 - Thread Scheduler 01:52:12 - Deadlocks 01:53:57 - Create a Deadlock in Java. (Interview Question) 01:57:03- Support my Content 🔴 Connect with me on Instagram - and ask me doubts 1:1. Would try to reply to each one of you. 🔴 Full Collections Framework Crash Course in One Video : 🔴 Join My Telegram Channel for Placement Updates - 🔴 Connect with me on LinkedIn - 🔴 Connect with me on Twitter - 🔴 Complete Java Developer roadmap - 🔴 Complete DSA Syllabus for cracking Product Based Companies : 🔴 My DSA Revision Strategy : 🔴 My Low Level Design Preparation Strategy : 🔴Graph Placement Series From Scratch - 🔴 Low Level Design and Design Pattern Series - 🔴 My Company Review Series - 🔴 Amazon SDE Revision Sheet - 🔴 Link to my TopicWise SDE Sheets Playlist : Tags #java #javaprogramming #riddhiduttajava #javadeveloper #javadevelopment #javatutorial #spring #backenddeveloper #multithreadinginjava #multithreading #concurrency #javaconcurrency#backendwebdevelopment #collections #collectionframework java concurrency java concurrency and multithreading java multithreading tutorial java multithreading interview questions java multithreading project multithreading in java multithreading interview questions in java multithreading in os java threads tutorial java thread life cycle java thread synchronization java thread interview questions java concurrency tutorial java collection framework java collection framework course java collection framework crash course java tutorial for beginners java full course how to learn java java developer java developer interview java developer roadmap java developer course java developer work in company java developer interview questions java developer salary java developer jobs for freshers java developer interview questions for freshers java developer skills needed java developer interview questions for 2 years experience java developer full course java developer roadmap 2022 java developer salary in india java developer roadmap 2023 java in programming language java in project java projects java projects for beginners java programming java programming for beginners java programming full course java programs for practice java projects with source code java interview questions and answers how to learn spring boot step by step how to learn spring framework in java how to learn spring how to learn spring boot dependency injection spring boot @configuration in spring boot how to learn spring boot from scratch how to learn spring framework java backend development tutorial java backend java backend developer java backend projects java backend developer full course java backend tutorial java backend developer interview questions java backend roadmap java backend course java backend developer skills java backend interview questions java backend web development


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