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Title:"Pinocchio" Promotional Preview / Sales Tape -1985 (DVD Quality)

Sorry this is over 2 months late, had to deal with some issues, but here it is, finally. You might have to turn up the volume a bit..If there is any complaining over the watermark, this video will be jeopardized of being taken down. I'm very protective over this, and I hope you all appreciate finally seeing the sales tape of Pinocchio from 1985 in great quality, unlike the camcorded version that's currently on YouTube. This VHS came in a Promotional Mail-In box (in the possession of MegaRock64), as well as a cover sheet from May 20, 1985, a reservation sheet (as seen in video), a 26x40 poster (as seen in video), Magazine Advertisement (as seen in video), and a retail video store advertisement. Disney takes a step into investing $1,000,000 to get the Pinocchio message out across the country, so everybody could be aware of the release. The video also demonstrates how the video dealer can win a life-size Pinocchio marionette, which was also featured on "Pawn Stars", in which 3 marionettes sold for $9,000! The video also shows regular everyday people stating their opinions of Pinocchio as a film, and clips from the film itself. This VHS is a pure collector's item, and is worth an immediate fortune. Here, I present the film, in it's entirety, all uncut, restored to it's original glory. BACK BOX STATEMENT: "Direct from it's $26 million theatrical release comes the '84 Christmas season's second biggest smash - PINOCCHIO! And supporting this sparkling "Classic" is an exciting $1,000,000 advertising package, just a part of Walt Disney Home Video's total $2.5 million dollar multi-media national ad compaign lasting all summer long. - Count the number of truly classic animated films and the list would begin with Walt Disney's Pinocchio. Carlo Collodi's brilliant story of a little wooden puppet who dreams of being a real boy unfolds as a shining example of vivid, rich, finely detailed Disney animation at it's finest! An unforgettable cast of characters, including the spry Jiminy Cricket and, of course, the little puppet made of wood, Pinocchio. Coupled with the haunting Oscar-winning theme song, "When You Wish Upon A Star," you have a timeless, unparalleled film adventure for anyone who has a dream in their heart. With every qualifying order of Pinocchio cassettes, you'll get beautiful 6' color, 3' foot' tall Pinocchio mobile absolutely free. A great deal with no strings attached! AND THERE'S MORE! Walt Disney Home Video and Maxell - makers of the finest videocassettes - want to make every video video dealer's dream a startling reality with these fantastic prizes: *AN ALL-EXPENSES-PAID FAMILY TRIP TO THE WALT DISNEY WORLD VACATION KINGDOM IN SUNNY ORLANDO, FLORIDA! * 2 TIMELESS WALT DISNEY HOME VIDEO LIBRARIES! * PLUS 10 PACKS OF MAXELL HGX "HI-FI" VIDEOCASSETTES. Please Note: This Videotape is for preview and demonstration purposes only. IT IS NOT FOR SALE OR RENTAL.


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