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Title:Alone Season 9 Episode 1 Recap: Shelters, Hunting, Fishing, Bug Bites, SALT, Hunger Pains

Alone Season 9 Episode 1 Recap with Dr. Teimojin Tan goes over some observations from Karie Lee, Benji, Juan Pablo, Jacque, and Igor. I will be talking about the medical side of our survival experience on Alone Season 9 so check out the timestamps below for subject headers. -READ my Survival Medicine Field Guide or JOIN Our Next Class: My 10 Items: -Hexagon Fire Steel: -Husqvarna Carpenter's Axe: -Leatherman Surge Multitool: -2Qt Pot Stainless Steel with Aluminum Core: -Assorted 550 Paracord: -Trapping Wire, Stainless Steel & Brass, 20G, 22G: -Assorted Fishing Hooks & Line -Down Sleeping Bag with Integrated Gortex Shell, -40C -ILF Takedown Recurve Bow with Hoyt Limbs, 50# -Mystery Ration (Upcoming Video Coming!) Navigation & Signalling -Silva Expedition Compass: -FOX40 Sonic Blast Storm Whistle: -Garmin In-Reach Mini: -Garmin In-Reach Explorer+, Satellite Communication, Topographic Maps, GPS: -CHECK OUT the rest of my Gear on Alone Season 9 (Survival Section): Connect with me on Social Media: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok (Educational Short Videos): Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 2:13 Karie Lee 2:40 Karie Lee game processing and cooking tactic 2:49 Karie Lee's shelter 5:45 Preventing Bug bites 7:05 Benji 7:18 Benji lessons for hunting set-up 9:49 Benji's Tenkara fishing rod 11:36 Benji's salt, fasting vs. rationing, hypothermia 12:20 Hypothermia, brief discussion 13:06 Fasting vs. Rationing 14:45 SALT! 16:04 Jessie 16:20 Jessie's shelter and water 16:44 Jessie and bears 17:13 Jessie preventing injuries 18:49 Juan Pablo 19:11 Juan Pablo's stove 20:26 Juan Pablo's mental game 21:14 Jacque hunting and cooking 22:14 Jacque's foot hold trap 22:55 Jacque hunger pains and ketosis 24:18 Igor 25:06 Basic Metabolic Rate vs. Survival Caloric Needs 25:51 It's not all about the fats when preparing 26:25 Igor's sea site and resources NOTE: These are affiliate links and as an "affiliate," I earn from qualifying purchases. The prices of your items are the same price or at a discount and every purchase helps us create better content for you!


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