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Title:"Hi" in Japanese in 7 Different Situations! (Not Konnichiwa)

✅10 MUST-KNOW FACTS about Japanese before you start learnjng In this video, I explained how to say "hi" in 7 different situations. I started off with 3 very basic greetings, then moved onto CASUAL WAYS to say "Hi" to friends! Those are actually used in real life among native speakers. The last two phrases are lost in translation. They only exist in Japanese. Meaning...? If you could use them correctly, you will sound MORE LIKE NATIVE SPEAKERS! The last phrase "お疲れ様です { おつかれさまです | otsukaresamadesu } (formal)", I only explained the use in casual situations such as meeting up with your friends. However, the phrase is also used to say "hi" at work among the people in the same company. 📚Join my Japanese Courses🇯🇵 👫Join My Learner’s Community ❤️ This is for self-learners who want to have a place and friends to practice Japanese with. We have speaking sessions, language exchange with Japanese people, happy hour to learn the Japanese culture, lots of Japanese challenges, and so much more✨ 💝 Support Sayaka here -------------------- Hi everyone! I am Sayaka from NIhongoDekita who loves teaching Japanese and sharing the culture with you all. My goal is to make the learning more FUN and EASY. And of course, it will be REAL AUTHENTIC JAPANESE that goes beyond the textbook! :) -------------------- ⛩MORE CONTENT!⛩ 📷 Instagram: 🌿 Facebook: 👯‍♀️ TikTok: 📩 FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: -------------------- #shorts #nihongodekita #japanese #日本語 #nihongo #pronunciation #howtospeakjapanese


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