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Title:MICHELLE OBAMA Opens Up On Her 8 Years In The White House: "We Know Too Much."

Today, I’m honored to welcome the one and only Michelle Obama to On Purpose. Michelle, who needs no introduction, sits down with me to reflect on her eight years in the White House, the challenges one faces in the public eye, and how her personal relationships have changed since becoming First Lady. We discuss a variety of topics, from the addicting nature of cell phones to weathering the storms faced during long-term relationships. Michelle, having had such a unique lived experience thus far, has such important advice to offer, and this conversation truly showcases that fact. If you liked this episode, then you’ll enjoy my conversation with Jada Pinkett Smith: What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 01:14 What is the Best Part of Being You? 02:13 What’s Your Longest Friendship? 03:15 The Struggle of Leaving the People You Love Behind 07:14 Be Open to the Possibilities of People 11:32 What’s the Hardest Part of Being You? 16:45 What Keeps You Up at Night? 19:00 Allow Your Brain to Rest from the Noise 24:05 Mindful Usage of Technology 30:45 How Do You Sustain a Successful Relationship? 35:22 The Non-Negotiables in Any Relationship 42:29 What is Your Fight Style? 48:20 Giving People Space to Be Seen and Heard 52:54 What Offends You the Most? 59:59 Final Five with Michelle Obama Episode Resources: Instagram: Facebook: Books: The Obama Foundation: Want to learn to coach like Jay Shetty? Discover how here:


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