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Title:Ex-Gangster On Murder & Prison | Darren Gee | Unchained Podcast Ep.2

Notorious Liverpool ex-gangster Darren Gee opens up about his horrific childhood, what led him into a life of crime & getting entangled in a gang feud which ultimately led to the murder of an innocent friend Craig Barker and the murder of another innocent man, David Regan. Darren Gee also goes into his trial, what it was like facing a life sentence and his ultimate prison sentence. He then goes into detail about prison life & his experience with Islam within the prison system. Darren Gee, now reformed, champions a movement called 'Choose A Life, Not A Kn!fe' (CALNAK) and has been aiming at helping reduce or eliminate crime on not only the streets of Liverpool, but in the whole UK and he has been actively promoting positive change in society by appearing on many podcasts such as Anything Goes With James English, The Central Club, Shaun Attwood & more. Follow Darren Gee On Social Media: Youtube: @DarrenGeeĀ  IG: @Darren_gees_live_feed & @Darren_gee_calnak_uk TT: @Darren_gee_L5_calnakuk Follow Shak Warner On social media: Please note: unless made abundantly clear that the opinion is Shak Warner's or an opinion or fact has been taken from an external source, all opinions on Unchained Podcast are those of the interviewee alone. Furthermore, whilst we strive to ensure information on Unchained is as factual as possible, we can't always be 100% certain at the time because interviews on Unchained are published largely or entirely unedited and unscripted and should therefore should only be treated as entertainment purposes only, and any information or topics spoken about on Unchained should be thoroughly researched & authenticated by you before accepting it to be true. Hitman by Kevin MacLeod | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY 3.0


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