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THIS clip WAS Taken from "THE MISSING LINK 2" D.V.D THAT was released in Tokyo on September 22, 2010 Who is CPU? More than 100tracks out on CDs and EPs in more than 25 labels, more than 400 shows worldwide in places as different as Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Burning Man, The Swiss Alps, the Ascores Islands, the deserts of Israel, and Australia, all in more than 6 years of constant world tour, an ingeniously creative artist doubled with one of the finest and most innovative producer, but before all, CPU is Swiss born producer Samy Guediche, who started music at age 12, back in the 80s, playing guitar in numerous rock and funk bands. In 91, already following on the computer revolution, he bought an Atari 1040ST, an Akai sampler and a mixer to start experimenting with electronic technology. In 94, he went to California, producing and engineering beats and tracks for artists of the booming west-coast rap industry. This is where he discovered trance, at the Burning Man Festival and at the psychedelic San Francisco Collective CCC in 99. That led to the creation of the trance trio Biodegradable with Nikka (Mekkanikka) and Max (Sirius Isness/Mad Max). The trio had many releases counting the most prominent psy trance labels of the time ( NovaTek, Goa-Head series, Flying Rhino, Transient, Dragonfly, Acidance, Zma, Hadshot to name a few) with a highly praised debut album on Acidance Records (Biodegradable-Phazer) in 2002. But shortly after, the trio separated when Samy moved to Barcelona. This is where he started his own hardcore electro psy trance sound now internationally known as CPU. With a debut album in 2003 on the French famed label 3D Vision, CPU tracks like "killer rabbit" and "shot shot walla" could be heard in all dancefloors and became instant planetary psy-trance classics. After that, Samy toured the world many times over and won a reputation of excellence in live sound and performance, his energy on stage is legendary, his shows are known to electrify even the coldest of crowds. The well acclaimed follow up album "Computer Error" in 2004 helped to consolidate Samy s position amongst the top psy-trance producers as well as become a major influence for many of today s next generation. It is this creation of a fresh movement of new CPU influenced artists that led Samy to open his label, Nutek Records, a label designed with the CPU sound in mind. The 3rd album Discodelic, was released in December 2006 on Nutek Records. On this album, Samy shows the true potential of his talent, blowing open the doors of psy trance by introducing influences from electro, progressive, minimal techno and more innovative production techniques as well as singing and playing the guitar, all this blended to perfection to give a masterpiece of electronic dance music, and the response from the dancefloors is here to testify! Currently located in Lausanne, Switzerland, working on a solo side project, BeatKrush oriented towards minimal tech/house with much success, collaborating with many other international artists on a variety of side projects, as well as directing and developing his label Nutek Records, Samy is constantly touring, working, developing new sounds and is looking forward to present the new CPU show worldwide. THIS VIDEO CLIP WAS DONE BY : S.G.K STUDIO "The Missing Link 2," 2DVD`S compiled by Calderon (SGK Studio) Welcome to the next second coming! "The Missing Link 2 " 2 1/2 years after releasing the "The Missing Link part 1" DVD, SGK studio is back with a exciting new sequel - "The Missing Link part 2". a 2 disc package, one DVD being the feature which includes performances by Skazi, Astrix, Dynamic and many more. The other DVD includes special features as well as a 30 minute "Burning man" documentary created by Stellar Folk Arts, and special interviews with artists such as Azax Syndrom, K. Watanabe "11", Rock and the ADS group. SGK has been in the trance scene for more than 14 years and began shooting video more than 10 years ago for all major events in Japan including Mother Records, Fineplay Music, Vision Quest, Sirius Records, TPE Records, Solstice Music, Arcadia and the Fuji Rock Festival. Calderon is the V-DJ live act by Sharon Gideon of SGK Studio.


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