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Title:Liquify - Liquify (2020) (Full Album)

Liquify - Liquify (Full Album) The Debut Album of Liquify, which combines many creative influences ranging from the psychedelic mixture of twin guitar solos, an old western feel, and wrapping up with a lengthy Desert/Stoner rock trance. Inspired by bands such as Pink Floyd, Santana, Sleep, The Re-Stoned, and Earthless, Liquify is a one-man project from the United States that strives to bring balance to the Rock. Beginning with Aurora, the dual guitars are introduced along with a steady bass that gradually builds to a climax. Vibrant has a groovy flow that is complimented by the bass riff with the guitar licks as the icing on the cake. The Stars Dance Above Us builds into something greater and has a reminiscent feel about the strangeness of what lies above us. Dust City Blues offers an old western style with a touch of the 70s rock. Desertman leads into a groovy trip and might be something one would expect while driving through the desert on a blazing hot day. Finally, Voyage of the Sun is a lengthy distortion driven journey of the Sun that ascends towards its climax and claims its position as the longest song on the album. 1. Aurora - 0:00 2. Vibrant - 7:12 3. The Stars Dance Above Us - 11:29 4. Dust City Blues - 20:58 5. Desertman - 24:49 6. Voyage of the Sun - 32:18 Support Liquify by purchasing the album here Support the continued funding of this channel, become a Patron Stoned Meadow Of Doom Facebook Page Join the SMOD Nation Facebook Group!


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