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Title:Hot And Cold | Opposites Song + More Little Angel Educational Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes

Ever wondered if something was too hot or too cold to touch? Baby John learns the importance and safety of checking before with his toy Willy that lets him know when its safe! You'll find out what you should check first in this video your watching by Little Angel #littleangel #littleangelnurseryrhymes #babyjohnsongs (🔔) Subscribe to Little Angel for New Videos ►► List of Kids Songs 00:00 Be Careful it’s Hot Baby John 03:41 Hot and Cold at the beach 07:20 What Are We Wearing Today 11:30 Playdate 15:41 Sharing Is Caring 19:32 Place Nice at School 23:36 At the Play Ground 27:02 Move and Exercise 30:38 Cleaning Up The House 34:16 Its Okay To Make Mistakes 37:36 I Can Get Dressed By My Self 41:31 Morning Routine 44:37 We all Brush Our teeth 48:38 Wash Your Hands More 52:33 NO NO I Don't want to take a bath 56:14 This Is How We Take A Bath Song Lyrics The chair is hot Hot hot we say So no no no, Go in the shade The chair is hot It’s hot hot hot! So we say Go in the shade Pizza is hot From the hot oven So no no no, We don’t eat them Pizza is hot It's hot hot hot! So we said We don’t eat them! The bath is hot From the hot hot tap So no no no, Don’t get in yet The bath is hot It's hot hot hot! So we say Don’t get in yet! The floor is cold In the cold cold room Let’s go go go We’ll get warm soon The floor is cold It's cold cold cold So we said We’ll get warm soon! Ovens are hot with the hot hot tray So no no no, We wait wait wait Cookies are hot They’re hot hot hot! So we say We wait wait wait! Listen To Little Angel Nursery Rhymes on Spotify: Listen to Other Little Angel Songs: What Are We Wearing Today? | Weather Song ►► Happy Or Sad Song ►► I Love My Babysitter! ►► Mommy Is My Hero ►► Listen to Our Little Angel Playlist: Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes in 3D ►► These rhymes for children help teach basic skills and improves their ability to comprehend and follow directions. Nursery rhymes and kid’s songs accelerate phonetic awareness improving children's word comprehension, reading and writing skills. Animations by: Valnet Inc. Copyright 2021 Valnet


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