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Title:Red Wiggler Worms Horizontal Migration Time-Lapse Days 0-35 FULL - vermicomposting

The red wiggler worms are set loose in the section of the bin where there is finished vermicompost... and the far end of the bin is loaded up with fresh bedding and food - with periodic additions of fresh moisture The worms are expected to move into the section with the fresh food and regular waterings, but in the end they seem to wander all around the container This is the "full-length, all-frames" playback version; watch the fast-playback version here: ~~ Please consider using the affiliate links below - they provide me with a small commission, at no additional cost to you, which helps to support this channel. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Donations to support this channel can also be made using PayPal here: THANK YOU! Some useful resources, supplies, materials and equipment for easier worm composting.: PLASTIC "bus box" / "bus bin" UTILITY TUBS : Rubbermaid 7 gallon - Artisan 2-pack -- Gabin 3-pack -- Eagrye 4-pack -- VERMIBAGS: Online store: COCO COIR: Hydro Crunch 5 kg / 11 lb block -- DISPOSABLE GLOVES: Safeguard 100-pack -- DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: 5 lb bag food grade with duster -- 4 lb bag -- NEEM CAKE 5 lb -- NEEM OIL 16 oz -- 32 oz -- 128 oz -- SMALL PERSONAL BLENDERS: Magic Bullet -- Ninja -- NutriBullet -- SPRAY BOTTLES: Rayson 8 oz -- SEE-THROUGH COMPOST CONTAINERS: 3 chamber acrylic; includes 3 thermometers — Rubbermaid file organizer — "The Business & Biology Of Raising Composting Worms" by Duncan Carver Worm farming guide / manual. Also, learn how to make your garden thrive with worm composting: Signup for the FREE “Worm Farming Secrets” weekly email newsletter here: All online orders made using the links above are very much appreciated. ++++++++++++++ #worms #wormcomposting #vermicomposting


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