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Title:Energy Fuels (AMEX:UUUU) - America’s Top Uranium Producer Primed to Capitalize on Surging Prices

Interview with Mark Chalmers, President & CEO of Energy Fuels Inc. Our previous interview: Recording date: 16th December 2023 Energy Fuels (NYSE: UUUU) stands uniquely positioned among uranium producers to capture outsized gains from the unfolding nuclear renaissance. With uranium spot prices already doubling over the past year to 8-year highs near $90 per pound, the company holds a suite of production-ready assets and existing sales agreements that will drive significant cash flow expansion through the remainder of the decade. However, tailored exposure to the parallel growth in renewable energy also factors into the bull case for Energy Fuels. Management has strategically pivoted into rare earth elements (REEs), leveraging the company’s White Mesa Mill to establish an emerging “critical mineral” hub that Recovery’s both uranium and vital magnet metals from ore feedstock. This two-pronged strategy straddling both nuclear power and the wider energy transition thematically places Energy Fuels to outperform across diverging clean energy catalysts. On the uranium front, Energy Fuels is the leading American uranium producer with capacity to deliver over 30% of current US nuclear fleet demand. The company is restarting three mines during 2024 with potential to scale future production to over 5 million pounds per annum as prices rise. Existing inventories and processing flexibility also enable Energy Fuels to leverage additional regional ore sources, including from third-party uranium projects. With many nuclear utilities still well under-contracted beyond 2030, this production growth stands ready to capitalize on the supply-demand imbalance driving uranium values back to incentive levels. In parallel, Energy Fuels is adding rare earth processing at their White Mesa Mill to open 2024. Installation of a cracking and leaching circuit will establish near-term free-world sourcing of magnet rare earth oxides used in EV motors and wind turbines. While small initially, expected Phase 2 expansion would elevate the Mill’s REE output into the top echelon globally, cementing critical mineral exposure as a secondary facet of value creation. REE revenues further support ongoing uranium expansion from a cash flow standpoint while aligning with global net zero emissions trends. With cash holdings and inventory assets worth upwards of $200 million, Energy Fuels retains a solid treasury that enables the pursuit of these dual mineral production pathways without dilution risk. Potential M&A in securing additional rare earth resources also remains funded at current capitalization. As markets recognize both the immediate earnings growth and long-term strategic positioning offered through exposure to both nuclear power and renewable energy tailwinds, shares of Energy Fuels offer investors leveraged upside relative to diversified miners tethered solely to uranium or EV metals individually. The unique dual market dynamics make Energy Fuels a compelling play on supercharged energy decarbonization trends this decade. — View Energy Fuels' company profile: Sign up for Crux Investor:


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