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Title:VR360 드디어 완성된 국내유일 수중여지도 장호 프리다이빙 스노클링 비치 Best Beach Jangho Korea Insta360x3 invisible case Review

Hello! In Gangneung, I've been making videos of Haenam and underwater worlds, Any shit that explores 70% of the planet is a fearless water explorer crew recruitment ⁇ #scubadiving #스쿠버다이빙 #freediving #프리다이빙 #장호 #바다 #삼척 #스노클링 #물놀이 #계곡 #여행 #물탐험가 #insta360 #insta360x3 #invisible #인스타360리뷰 #인스타360 #GOPRO #액션캠 #actioncamera #sidemount The first 360VR video. 5.7k 30fps 50min Long shot Final pressure of 400 bar. Left tank Catalina 160 bar Right tank Luxper 60 bar 300 grams of prores422? ssd 1T storage is possible Minimum capacity h264 40g result 4k picture quality four hours of encoding Pc 9900k+2080ti / Samsung M.2 ssd512/ 32g ram pc standard Pleasure of watching. You can feel the direct adventure game by using wasd or turning the mouse directly. scuba diving Of the invisible case in input and output (dome structure positive buoyancy) be otherwise stable Minimize any external impact risk if only horizontal neutral buoyancy is captured I think a net for cameras that are also used underwater is essential freediving I'm careful not to get scratched during duck diving There is a problem of posture and breathing impulse. Since it is almost impossible to get horizontal, it is necessary to check the rock structure on the floor before getting it. Men are adventurous and heroic, so people or things go early lol Be careful so that the case folding junction be horizontal in the photography When turning the angle, the refraction light blur of the rear sunlight is exposed by this part Comparison of color according to water depth aqua 2.0 automatic filter See the YouTube link for a full 360-degree Jangho Beach underwater map video Full VR Video on YouTube #Bodyprofile #freediving #lifeshot #freediving #Art #waterexplorer #scubadiving #insta360x3 #Insta360 #Insta360 #인생샷 #sidemount #Sidemount #ScubaDiving #Jangho #Samcheok #vr #Snorkeling #korea #Beach #ActionCam #YouTube *Underwater color * Water quality visibility 10m Some floats Do not try to make the underwater color correction to look as good as possible. It is not to be annoyed or need a lot of equipment, but to avoid misleading viewers with actual visible colors. "You can lose interest by saying," It's dull and there's nothing to see. " If a real diver observes an object by shining a light in the water, the original color comes out. As it gets closer to the surface of the water, the color comes to life, and the deeper it goes, the more red it disappears. Mask omer red wolf Suit Omer Red Stone 5mm / Santi Emotion + Fins skinscuba revo L Tank L. Catalina 11L R. luxfer11L (R valve) Regulator Scubapro Mk25 evo 620ti Din + S600 Din Bcd Xdeep Stealth 2.0 tec Red 6 kg CLICK 0:00 Insta360x3 Review Pros and cons 6:40 Pov Freedive Camera Housing Case Scratch in DuckDiving 7:00 pov scruba Exploration of mountain ranges extending from 5m to 16m in the water behind the rocks 19:50 pov scuba 20m section at the intersection of Snorkeling Valley 5th Street Underwater exploration of seagull rock music The Sands of Forgetfulness Tortage Beach 02 - The Damp Barachan Nights Adrift on an ocean of sand


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