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Title:Japanese Onsen Ryokan Where You Can Bathe with Snow Monkeys🐒♨️ | Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park | ASMR

Snow Monkey Park is a park located in Nagano, Japan for observing wild Japanese monkeys. It is a tourist spot, known for its wild monkeys soaking in hot springs in winter🐒♨️ We stayed at a hot spring inn called Jigokudani Korakukan, which is the closest to Snow Monkey Park. The ryokan has open-air baths, and wild monkeys also come, so if you're lucky, you can bathe together! It is a very nice ryokan with a long history and a family atmosphere. I was very moved when I took a bath with a monkey. I have never seen monkeys so close! Snow monkeys are famous, but not many people know that there are hot springs where you can bathe with wild monkeys. At Korakukan, you can enjoy the hot springs without staying overnight until 3:00 pm, so be sure to check it out. Don't forget your swimsuit! 💻Snow Monkey Park(ENG). 🗒Snow Monkey Park SNS. YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: 💻Ryokan-Jigokudani-Korakukan. ✅Ryokan-Jigokudani-Korakukan English only booking website. 🗒Ryokan-Jigokudani-Korakukan SNS. YouTube: Facebook: 🚶‍♀️How to get to Snow Monkey Park. 35-minute walk from the bus stop "Snow Monkey Park". MAP: 💰Price ・Snow Monkey Pass: 3,600 yen (27.6 USD / € 25.6) per person. ・Accommodation fee: 38,250 yen (295 USD / € 271.6) including dinner and breakfast for two people. *The price varies depending on the season and room type. 🚃JAPAN RAIL PASS is the economical and convenient means of traveling throughout Japan by rail!! ⌛️Time Stamp 0:00 Opening 0:12 How to take the bus to Snow Monkey Park 1:51 Walk from the bus stop to Snow Monkey Park 3:46 Snow Monkey Park 7:55 Ryokan 9:10 Room tour 10:47 Bathe with snow monkeys!! 15:53 TV room and table tennis 17:09 Dinner 17:49 Open-air bath at night 18:27 Good morning 18:54 Breakfast 19:14 Check out #CC_for_Subtitle #snowmonkey #japantravel #japanvlog #asmr ———————————————————————— ・Titles, descriptions and subtitles done by auto translation so may not be correct. ・The price in the video uses the exchange rate at the time of editing. ・Prices may change depending on the season. ・We may be using affiliate links.


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