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Title:How to Make a Plasma Cutting Machine From Scrap

AMZN: flyback and driver: capacitors: diac: torch: diode rectifier: Hi folks welcome today. I’m going to show you how to make yourself and build at home and very cheap and efficient cutting plasma machine that works very efficiently even if it’s made completely with scrap pieces that I saved from the scrap yard so it’s a very easy and interesting project. I can start taking and converting an old vintage arc welding machine that use electrodes be careful use only transformer, welding machine. If you want to modify and replicate the project don’t try to use a very modern inverter welding machine because incisor our circuit boards and you were Friday and if you push high-voltage and Sidon so make sure to have the right transformer, welding machine. Any brand with work No, let’s start taking a metal box to place everything inside. In this case I have these old stereo for music and I take the box is a container. I also recycle the heat sink made in aluminum to cool down the other components. In fact, the arc welding machine produce originally alternating current box for this project we need direct current, so the first thing we need to do is fix and stabilize the current and to do this I can use breach dial Ricky fire Just use one with very high on per capacity for this reason, they boats a 200 amp bridge, diode rectifier after this we had, and then stop in lies the direct current that isn’t perfectly stable, and I made by myself a huge copper coil that Strbc lives, and fix a little bit more direct current The more stable the current is the more efficient and precise the cat from the cutting plasma she will be We need them to ejaculate some high-voltage inside the vintage arc welding machine to do this. I use a fly back from the television that is capable to reach 30,000 50,000 V results problem Aydan boat simmer coil. This is used to transfer by induction voltages from the flight back around 50,000 V into the arc welding machine that originally has only 30 V so the result is now that we have an arc welding machine that can also throw little sparks This is important because to create plasma inside the plasma torch, we need to create high voltage between two electrons. The electrodes will be covered with compressed, air flowing on them and compressed air. We catch some electrons and create the plasma itself. So connect everything to a regular air compressor. Make sure there is a dehumidifier that will remove any moisture inside of compressed air. Everything has to be dry and clean so the plasma torch can create plasma in the more efficient way.


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