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Title:Banky Pound on Serving 33 Years of 2x Life Sentence, Racist Cellmate, Jail Couples (Full Interview)

In this full-length interview, Banky Pound reflects back on growing up in places like Washington, D.C., and Newport News in Virginia. He also touches on getting introduced to crime by robbing pimps in the area and fathering a daughter at the age of sixteen before he had his son two years later. From there, he revisits an incident in 1987 when someone was murdered during a robbery attempt that he was a part of. The occurrence resulted in him being linked to a string of robberies and sentenced to 97 years in prison (because of the newly implemented three-strikes law) after his friend testified against him in court. As the conversation moves along, he dishes on some of his most intense moments behind bars, such as a prison fight that resulted in a stabbing where he nearly killed a fellow inmate. Moving along, he talks about some of the most interesting characters that he shared a prison cell with during his stint behind bars before talking about the first time he became eligible for parole in 2007. This prompts him to talk about the politics involved with parole cases. Lastly, Banky Pound talks about experiencing PTSD once he finally got out of prison and the hurdles that he's faced trying to get used to being out.


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