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Title:10 Turkish Expressions You MUST Know When Learning Turkish! 😲

These 10 daily Turkish expressions are being used all the time by Turks and definitely sound super weird to foreigners. Since the Turkish culture is very different in comparison to most European cultures, the Turkish language itself also shows a lot of differences and approaches. One might say Turkish is a warmer and more welcoming language. Looking at these phrases, you will definitely realize that most of them don’t make much sense in English. That’s why we have to distinguish the language culture from the very beginning if we want to try to learn Turkish. When posting videos about Turkish I will always put emphasis on how to learn it especially taking the language culture into account. If you want to learn Turkish and understand the Turkish language and its logic, you definitely need to watch this video till the end. A lot of people around the world have been wanting to learn Turkish because of Turkish TV series. On my channel I am explaining the key elements of the structure of Turkish, how it is used and what the main similarities and differences between Turkish and English (and other European languages) are. If you are a beginner and want to start learning English and don't know where to start, I'll show how to learn Turkish fast by firstly understanding the language culture and structure. Since Turkish is an agglutinative language, people struggle thinking in Turkish and therefore might learn the grammar because it is rather easy but the usage in everyday conversation can be quite different. You can watch this video with both English and Turkish subtitles! I hope you enjoy it. :) JOIN MY CHANNEL: INSTAGRAM: dillendim / itsresat E-mail: Discord sunucum:


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