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I like to think this chord is powerful enough to make all of you weep at its feet but I'll let you be the judge! Pt. 2 is already filmed and in the editing phase with examples from more bands and I could not be more ixcited to share my passion of this chord with you all! Aghhhhh! p.s. if any of you know of other songs with this chord doing its thing, you know what to do in the comments section. SHOUT OUT to my Patrons MilkLizard82 and Elle for bringing my attention to two of these songs on our conversations and listening parties! 🙏 Rick Beato's video about Kiss From A Rose: My analysis of Something I Can Never Have: ____________ Most of my videos cannot be monetized. If you'd like to support me in continuing to make these videos, here are some things you can do! 👍 Like, subscribe, and ring the morning bell. And share! 🤚 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL- exclusive videos, listening parties, song covers, sheet music, & educational content: 💄 TIP JAR (BUY ME A LIPSTICK): ___________ CHAPTER MARKERS 0:00 - Intro 2:43 - The Major 7th effect 3:48 - Nine Inch Nails 4:52 - The Dillinger Escape Plan 6:15 - The Modal Interchange 7:08 - Massive Attack 8:18 - Alice In Chains 8:57 - Faith No More 9:37 - Nine Inch Nails 10:02 - Seal 11:04 - The Bomb 11:24 - Tool 13:14 - Nine Inch Nails 14:34 - Tool 15:12 - lol ___________ 🙏 SPECIAL THANKS to my amazing Patrons, without whom these videos would not be possible: Victoria Hogg, Dario Cotti, Zachary Stevens, Darius McCaskey, John Kirkilis, Ada Cohen, James M. Bowers, Beguile, Philip Sharp, Kevin Meyer, Eric Blum, richchupac, JT, Dustin Sinkey, Justin Owens, Ste McFreeman, Shane Gartner, Andrew Hussey, Jeff Hamm, Katie Murphy, Tyler Shaw, brandon, Tim Moore, Bradley Kemp, echothirteen, Fernando, John Schadegg, Brian Gunn, Marc Jeray, Giorgio Tidei, Vesuvian, Luc De Brouwer, snettles1143, Erik Hermansen, Jerry Langwell, Andrés Fernandez, Brian Hard, Travis Ames, Joseph Martin Giralt, Noah, Gaven Cornaby, Matt Shepcar, Midwinter Minis, Michael Thomas, Kent Oversteet, Sid Sothoth, Matt Standish, Toney Vecchio, Shane Welch, Michael Elliot, Brian, Stephen Marsh, Simon Evans, Nick Teague, Sam, Daniel Baer, Chris Power, Matt Spurlin, Kai Ellis, Rory Wilson, Arenow, Forrest Karbowski, Dan Kelly, Skippityboo, Nate Beckman, Chrifis, Joseph Souder, Konrad P-Kala, Brian Gunn, Seth Startix, Etvid, Rick Grush, Rickard Enfors, Alexander Ekman, Steve Bock, dreamsaremaps, Maze, HeliosVIII, Wayne Bristol, Dluck75, Jesse Russel, Marc Résibois, Joel, Samtallic, Filip Marcinowski, Josh Nobel, Black Magic Ti, Jerry Burch, Mark Olsen, Lon Farenwald, Dr. Jeff, andrea cerini, N0UGHT, Elle Lassiter, Jan Scholtz, Thomas Rishel, Ted Carrol, Travis Hyde, Sean Vaske, noah yagi, Jesse Russell, Kai Bertsch, Dream in Digital, LEBRUN Fabien, Anastasia Beaverhausen, Eugene Leeds, Cesar, Marl, Bryan Dych, Jonathan, A.David Silverman, madartichoke, Matt, Anthony Grant, Celeste Epstein, Kieran Yanner, Watch Clark, Brian Bitner, Mike James Gallagher, Sammantha L, Moritz Bunkus, JJ, Renaud Bédard, Stevie Sanchez, Blake Walker, dave, Tabitha Sheehan, Charnel Mansion, Atom Fellows,, Ben Wills, Richard Cortez, Shawboy278, Cameron C. Brown, Matt Munro, TrufflePig42, Sean Bowman, Melody Klein, Steve G, Gabriel, Paul Means, Jay Farris, Chad, Austin Amberg, fiarce, Nathaniel Garcia, Drew Celestino, Kevin Connell, Jessica Farrow, Liz Washer, Phrenological, Hovan Tajerian, Ericw1, Len Marchewka, Danielle, Colin Brockwiz, Alec Collins, João Veiga, SATAN OVISION, Robert Harrison, Erwin Hartenberg, Dylan Santurri, MC1017, Renn Brown, 5-MeO-DMT, Paul, Holly Kindsvater, Michael James Pettit, Telephone Sound, Keith Boucher, Tomasz Marciniak, Glenn Marmon, Anna S., Jacob Rush, A Traveler On The Sea, Eva, Christopher G Maliszewski, BL00DW0RTH, Bryan Bishop, Ghork, Chris Lehmann, Grant McManus, Perceptes, Jason Brogan, Blåq Unicórn, Craig Griffith, Steve Littrell, G, JL62417, Muir Lyman, Alexander Bernbaum, Melissa, Joshua Opolko, Matt Altobel, Alex, Jay Rowe, Nick Griffith, Brian Kim, som3oneMw, Tony Heupel, evolutionQ, and Boris Todorov.


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