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Title:MAGICAL PEGASUS-Learn How to DRAW and PAINT with Acrylics-Easy Beginner Acrylic Painting Tutorial

VIDEO DESCRIPTION - Want to learn how to paint with acrylics? Want to learn how to paint an animal portrait? Want to learn how to paint a Pegasus? I'll be your acrylic art instructor throughout this fun beginner art video, as you learn how to paint a colorful enchanting, mystical horse-an easy illustration fantasy animal portrait acrylic painting "MAGICAL PEGASUS”. You can watch the full-length version of the tutorial here: As a Youtuber and art influencer, I offer free online video art tutorials for beginners to advanced. My videos are unique and easy-to-follow as I use a limited palette and number of brushes, thumbnails and clipart as visual aids, and I break everything down into titled chapters using step-by-step instructions on how to paint canvas art with acrylics, making for an art tutorial that is perfect for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Fantasy art, animal portraits, still life, flower paintings, scenery paintings, landscapes, Holiday paintings, surrealism, cubism, impressionism, realism, people portraits, figures and abstract, I paint it all. In addition to the online art tutorials, I also offer unique painting benefits to my Patreon members, including, exclusive art tutorials and educational classes with lessons on everything from how to paint clouds to how to paint fur, and from how to sell your art to how to own your own paint and sip business, live paint and sip classes, personal critiques from me on your artwork, as well as, access to a Private Facebook Group called “Michelle’s Painting Group” with monthly art contests, skill challenges and giveaways. Members also get discounts on art supplies from my shop where you can buy Michelle the Painter Brushes. A popular benefit for members is “Paint My Photo”, where Patreons get to send in their personal photos for me to turn into an art tutorial on Youtube and receive the original painting as a reward for free. Today’s easy acrylic painting is an animal portrait of a colorful and vibrant fantasy magical flying Pegasus with wings. With a playful and fun feel right out of Dr. Suess, Harry Potter, or a National Geographic book, this easy painting was made for all artists, art-lovers, art enthusiasts, art admirers, art students, animal lovers, and especially those who love horses, Greek Mythology, the Clash of the Titans and images and stories of flying winged creatures. You can enjoy the full-length version of this video tutorial, as well as other painting tutorials I did exclusively for Patreon's here: Throughout the easy step-by-step instructions in this online virtual Youtube art class you'll learn how to draw and paint with acrylics, how to draw a pet portrait, how to paint a portrait, how to draw and paint a Pegasus, how to draw and paint feathers, fur, eyes, mouth, a mane and a landscape. In this acrylic canvas painting tutorial, you'll learn fundamental beginner painting techniques including how to paint with loose impressionistic brushstrokes to create texture and contours on the equine body, feathers and fur. You'll learn to create 3D effects like a photo in this flying animal portrait wall art image. Learn how to mix and blend acrylic paint using color theory for vibrant shades of pink, magenta, and purple. Have fun and paint a unicorn or paint it abstract, illustration, impressionistic, or pop art. Have a date night at home, paint party, sip and paint event, or virtual paint night. Paint with pastel, oil paint, or watercolor, any medium will work! Paint n sip with friends, paint & sip alone, or paint and sip just for fun or for art therapy. With the simple art instructions and easy to follow step by step instructions, this acrylic painting for beginners will be easier than paint by numbers. Other AWESOME BENEFITS that you'll receive as part of my Patreon Membership Program are: - You'll be able to join me live each month for Zoom art tutorials and educational classes. - You'll have access to a large library of previously recorded exclusive art tutorials and educational classes. - You'll be able to participate in monthly art contest where I give away a $1000 cash prizes. - You can earn chances to receive free giveaways. - You can get in-depth professional critiques from me on your own work. - You'll receive discounts on all art and painting supplies from my shop. - You can participate in monthly art challenges to develop and enhance your skills. - BEST OF ALL, you’ll be able to join my private Facebook Group called, “Michelle’s Painting Group” where you'll be emersed in an inspiring, social and creative community. How great thou art! HOW TO JOIN PATREON? Just click the link below, choose your tier and begin enjoying all the benefits. Patreon: Website: Facebook: #painting #art #acrylic


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