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Title:RESTAURATION RENAULT 4X4 de 1960 : De la Rouille à la Splendeur en 28 minutes

After months of hard work and 27 videos, discover the final result of the complete restoration of this venerable Renault R2087 4x4 from 1960! Dive behind the scenes of this mechanical adventure and relive each stage of the transformation, from the careful disassembly to the rebirth of this legendary vehicle. On the program for this timelapse: Complete restoration of the chassis and body Engine and transmission refurbishment Installation of a new custom interior And many other surprises! Bonus: Discover the details of the costs incurred for this restoration. *Don't forget to like and subscribe so you don't miss anything from the next restoration!* -------------------------------------------------- -------- My website: *By purchasing on RV19, you contribute to saving old vehicles that are economically irreparable.* -------------------------------------------------- -------- See all episodes of the Renault R2087 -------------------------------------------------- -------- GYS Welding - Steel Wire Reel Ø 0.8: Welding square: Cutting Disc 125 mm Thin metal: Flap disc 125mm: Thick grinding disc: Reversing lights: Spring latches: High temperature paint: Mirrors: Air intake filter: Exhaust silent block: Exhaust clamp: Diesel heat gun: -------------------------------------------------- -------- 00:00 Complete disassembly of the 4x4 03:10 Chassis restoration 04:31 Restoration of bridges and boxes 05:58 Restoration of brake cylinders 06:10 Assembly of bridges 06:34 Assembly of bridges on chassis 06:51 Mounting the boxes on the chassis 07:38 Renovation and assembly of wheels and tires 08:20 Original engine recovery 08:40 Complete engine overhaul 10:00 Carburetor repair and engine start 10:19 Undressing the cabin 10:50 Sandblasting and stripping cabin and doors 11:49 Repair and welding of doors and cabin 13:43 Puttying and priming cabin and doors 14:18 Body painting 14:49 Cab assembly on the 4x4 chassis 15:39 Steering assembly and gearbox control 16:05 Oil and brake bleeding 16:18 Modification and installation of alternator and radiator 17:15 Start-up and first driving test 17:44 Restoration of cabin elements 18:03 Electricity, meter and lights 18:37 Assembly of seats and cabin accessories 19:44 Fitting the windshield 20:01 Renovation grille badge 20:13 Adapting an exhaust 20:28 Air filter and wipers 20:38 Upholstery and assembly of doors 21:28 Manufacturing a 4x4 pick-up tray 24:09 Painting and installation of the board 26:17 Restoration completed and test drive 27:00 Restoration time and cost 27:44 Prices of purchases and 4x4 restoration costs 28:00 End and Thank you :) -------------------------------------------------- --------- Do you want to become a member of the channel? So you can do it here: -------------------------------------------------- -------- - This video is not sponsored. - Some links may be affiliate links. - Some products presented may be products received free of charge. -I always give you my true opinion.


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