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Title:Upondo No Nkinsela (1980) | Full Movie | Ndaba Mhlongo | Masoja Mota | Joe Mafela

An up-and-coming, hard-working police sergeant is tasked with an under-cover assignment where he is to pose as a mysterious assassin known as Jakalasi and execute a hit on the local police captain. But it is a dangerous game the young cop is playing, and with the mob boss’ right hand man suspicious of the new arrival, it’s only a matter of time before his cover is blown, and when that day finally comes, all hell will break loose for the cop and his friends. Written and Directed by Bernard Buys Starring Ndaba Mhlongo, Masoja Mota, Joe Mafela WATCH IT NOW ON Follow Us on Social: Facebook – Instagram - **NOTICE** This film is one of hundreds (of films) that were produced in South Africa in the period 1980 – 1989, under what was known as the B-Scheme Subsidy*. The subsidy was introduced by the apartheid government to encourage producers to make films for the majority black audiences, with the idea of creating entertainment for the black population in the homelands (the areas designated for people of colour by the Group Areas Act of 1950**), and thereby keeping their minds off of political unrest. It is important to note that despite the circumstances surrounding the original production and release of this film, this film forms an important part of South Africa’s cultural film (and political) heritage and should be viewed in this context. *More About the B-Scheme Subsidy **More About the Group Areas Act of 1950


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