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Title:24 Times Pixar Easter Eggs Teased A Future Film

Pixar is famous for teasing future films with small references and easter eggs in their films, a tradition hailing alllll the way back to 1998 with A Bug’s Life. Let’s take a stroll through animated cinematic history and look at all the times PIxar teased a future film with some sneaky easter eggs! Subscribe: Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:22 Elemental in Lightyear 00:50 Lightyear in Turning Red 01:02 Turning Red in Luca 01:37 Luca in Soul 02:01 Soul in Onward 02:21 Onward in Toy Story 4 02:47 Toy Story 4 in Incredibles 2 03:10 Incredibles 2 AND Toy Story 4 in Coco 03:41 Coco in Cars 3 04:12 Cars 3 in Finding Dory 04:34 Finding Dory in The Good Dinosaur 04:51 The Good Dinosaur in Inside Out 05:21 The Good Dinosaur in Monsters University 05:48 Monsters University in Brave 06:40 Brave in Cars 2 07:06 Cars 2 in Toy Story 3 08:03 Newt in Toy Story 3 08:57 Toy Story 3 in UP 09:57 Everything in Wall-E 10:31 UP and Wall-E in Ratatouille 11:11 EVERYTHING in Finding Nemo 12:34 Finding Nemo in Monsters Inc. 13:26 Toy Story 2 in A Bug’s Life Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: For more videos and articles visit: Written by: Geoff Cork Narrated by: Geoff Cork Edited by: Eduardo Garcia For copyright matters please contact us at:


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