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Title:TRAIN DRIVER'S CHAT: From the depot in Oslo to Ål in September

A little throw back to September where i picked up the locomotive in the workshop and drove out the "back door" almost down to Loenga Station (usually just freight), and back down to Lodalen. PS: My quarantine is finally over! #TrainDriversView #Live #BergenLine #Cabview #führerstandsmitfahrt 🚄Bergen Line information: 🚞Flam Line information: 🚦Signaling information: 🚆Line information and speed: Train Stops at: Oslo S Sandvika (stops for embarkation) Asker (stops for embarkation) Drammen (stops for embarkation) Hokksund (stops for embarkation) Vikersund Hønefoss Flå (stops on request) Nesbyen Gol Ål (Driver change) ... Bergen On the way back to Voss: Myrdal Upsete (on request) Vieren (on request) Ørneberget (on request) Ljosanbotn (on request) Mjølfjell Reimegrend Skiple (on request) Øyeflaten (on request) (Passenger embarking) Urdland (on request) Kløve (on request) Ygre (on request) Gjerdåker (on request) Voss ○ If you want to support the channel you can donate here or become a sustaining member by joining the channel membership CAMERA & EQUIPMENT I USE ○ Camera 1: ○ 360° Camera : ○ SD Card: ○ Mount: And make sure to subscribe to my channel and tap that bell so you don't miss out on future content! DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting RailCowGirl so I can continue to provide you with content each week-ish!


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