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Title:How Kendrick Lamar Used the Biggest Beef of the Century to Fix Hip-Hop Culture

IF WE GET 50 PATRONS, I WILL MAKE A VIDEO ON TPAB (click the link to join!): I usually don't like covering happenings in rap that are inherently... cultural, and shallow. I like telling stories, communicating character arcs that we get to watch in real time on albums and songs, and bringing my own life into them in the hopes that you can see yourself too. But in this case, I think what Kendrick has accomplished in his beef with Drake is a story... it's a metanarrative, an unspoken assault on Drake and all he's influenced as the stagnators of culture. In this video I’d like to talk about more than just the content of the songs, the allegations, the stuff you can already read about on Twitter… i think there’s something much more significant at play here. The social media era has ushered in a new wave of hip-hop, which has brought in a lot of good change… but there are problems too. There’s a reason this beef has really just transcended a rap battle between Kendrick and Drake… everyone’s involved, and that’s because it’s a conflict between the productive and destructive forces of hip hop music. A tug of war between deep and shallow. A grudge match over authenticity, and fantasy. But that’s a conversation that we can’t just dive into. The real question we have to answer first is, why in the world is the spiritual obsessed, I’m too cool for hip hop quarrels rapper finally dipping his feet into beef? And why is someone who has famously learned to stray away from beef giving in to the temptation once more? For both of them… Why become a hypocrite just to take down one person? What do you think of the beef? Let's talk about it in the comments! Thanks so much for watching. Every subscriber/viewer means a lot to me, and I appreciate every like and comment. Let me know what you think about the video or the album and I'd love to have a discussion in the comments! Music is meant to be discussed to assimilate ideas and to grow as people. Subscribe! I am a Christian and student and I made this channel when I was in high school. I started this channel because I love talking about music (specifically hip hop) and given that the genre seems to be going downhill, I want to be part of the community that preserves the expectation of great music and dissecting what makes a beautiful record. Dealing with a lack of friends to discuss these matters with, I hoped to start my own community that loves music just as I do, as well as to provide a unique perspective as a follower of Christ that also appreciates this community. I appreciate everyone who watches and I am truly happy to see anybody comment their thoughts on a project I talk about. Put "NOT LIKE US" as your comment if you read the description! As always, thank you very much for watching and taking time out of your day to discuss music with me, God bless. Isaiah 55:8-12


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