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Title:Color Grading Images in Photoshop with Gradient Maps

Add creative color effects to your images by color grading them in Photoshop using gradient maps! You'll learn how gradient maps work, why they are perfect for color grading, and how to use a gradient map to give your image a more cinematic look by replacing the photo's original colors with the colors from a gradient. I also show you how to combine gradient maps with layer blend modes for different results, how to save your custom gradients as presets that can be quickly applied to other images, and even how to drag and drop gradient maps from one image to another! ► Written tutorial on ► Video chapters: 00:00 - Intro 01:05 - Opening the image 01:27 - Resetting the Foreground and Background colors 01:47 - Adding a Gradient Map adjustment layer 02:04 - How a gradient map works 03:07 - Resetting the gradient to black and white 03:40 - Previewing the gradient in the Gradient Editor 04:08 - Shadows on the left, highlights on the right 04:52 - Creating a monochromatic color effect 06:40 - Fading the gradient using layer opacity 07:28 - Adding colors to the shadows and highlights 09:42 - Adjusting the midtones with the midpoint marker 10:19 - Adding a color stop for the midtones 11:48 - How to save a gradient as a preset 12:52 - The Normal blend mode 14:47 - The Color blend mode 16:00 - The Soft Light blend mode 17:23 - Re-editing the gradient colors 18:19 - Adding more gradient maps to the same image 20:17 - How to copy the gradient map to another image ► Related videos: 1. Photoshop's Hidden Color Grading Presets: 2. Instant High Contrast Black and White: ► Get Photoshop here: ► Images used in this tutorial: 1. 2. ► Help support more videos To support this channel, please consider joining my Photoshop Essentials website. You'll get all of my tutorials as PDFs, plus exclusive content! Learn more: #PhotoshopTutorial #Photoshop #ColorGrading


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