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Title:Maddy's Last Year

Madalyn Rae (Welsh) Smith passed away just weeks before her 27th birthday at her home next to the love of her life and her beautiful children. They were surrounded by friends and family. This was far too soon, but everyone knew Maddy had lived every day with urgency. She loved deeply and showed sincere interest in everyone. She could overpower a room with her smile and energy, while at the same time not being at all attention seeking. She remembered everything, but especially what was important to you, and she asked you about those things frequently. She was beautiful, confident, patient, and gentle. She had a special depth to be able to understand any room or situation and make it better. She was one in a million and the hole left by her passing is devastating. Her battle with cancer was fought quietly and courageously. She had a hope and positivity til her last day that left everyone believing there was no way anything could get her down. And nothing did. When the cancer had closed in on all of her organs, she told her family she wanted to have a party at the house. She wanted two days to spend time with close friends and family, and then she was ready for what was next. Those days at home were incredible for everyone that visited her, and she passed the next day just like she had planned. She lived a life on her terms, and those were always determined after thinking about the ones she loved most, first. Maddy was born June 10, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada, to Robert Joseph Welsh Jr. and Karen Lynn Gammon Welsh. She was a sweet and inquisitive child who was very close to her three siblings, Matt, Chloe, and Jake. She was adored by her entire extended family. Maddy was passionate about music. She worked hard and learned how to play both the piano and the violin. Ultimately, the violin became her passion and she began performing in middle school and continued throughout her life. She was chosen to participate in an elite city-wide youth orchestra. One of the highlights of her musical experience was being a member of The Zion's Youth Symphony and Chorus which gave her the opportunity to perform numerous times at the Smith Center for Performing Arts in Downtown Las Vegas. She continued to share her talent playing for Christmas programs and at Grandma Smith's funeral. Maddy was voted Senior Class President, crowned Homecoming Duchess, and dubbed "Best Hair" in her senior class superlatives. She was an active participant in all things student government, school spirit and leadership, but most importantly she was a friend to ALL. Maddy played soccer and was on the swim team. She was a Second Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and very skilled at nunchucks and the bow staff. She worked during high school at Tilley's and Fabulous Freddy's car wash. As with everything in her life, she was meticulous with the details. Her co-workers loved her, and customers requested her. After graduation, Maddy attended Brigham Young University-Idaho. She earned her Bachelor's Degree studying Public Health. It was at this time she dated and then married Chandler David Smith on September 5, 2015. They were married in the Las Vegas LDS Temple, but always enjoyed telling people simply they were "married in Vegas" just to keep them guessing. Their relationship was one in a million, true soulmates. Together, they built an incredible life, initially in the grueling world of door-to-door sales and managing large teams of associates. This eventually lead to real estate investing and a successful YouTube channel. She was the boss, counselor, hype man, editor, co-negotiator, encourager, and more often than not, the voice of reason. They were unstoppable! Wren Yantorno Smith was born at the end of 2017. Andi Kristine was born just 21 months later in 2019. The children thrived with their proud parents leading the way. Maddy was an incredible wife and mother. She was constantly supporting or censoring Chandler's every endeavor... and there were many! She never missed an opportunity to educate the kids through endless activities and hands-on experiences. Each day was planned with a purpose. She was constantly exposing them to great books, museums, people, places, and things. Their little family was in constant motion. Hiking, biking, skateboarding, swimming, visiting parks, zoos, and exploring new destinations, particularly their new backyard. The Hawaiian Islands were a favorite vacation spot; sailing, swimming, playing in the sand, eating their favorite Acai bowls and Hula Pies. Maddy's trademark attribute was kindness. She was an incredible listener and could perceive people's needs. She was not afraid to jump in and help under any circumstances. She was a fast friend to anyone fortunate enough to know her. She had a close group of girlfriends who would gather often for girls’ nights or tea parties at the Grand America. They supported her tirelessly throughout her battle.


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