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Title:SEDUCE WITH YOUR EYES: A Lesson in Hypnosis & Eye Contact | The Means of Seduction

☞ BOOK - "THE MEANS OF SEDUCTION: SEDUCERS AND THEIR TARGETS" (2024) ☜ Order your own paperback copy of “The Means of Seduction: Seducers and their Targets” on Amazon today! Click here to find the book on Amazon: Thank you for your interest and support! ☞ AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE ☜ FTC Required Affiliate Disclosure: This video description contains affiliate links, which means the channel owner will earn a small commission from the purchase of any linked products at no additional cost to the buyer. ☞ MORE CONTENT / LINKS ☜ WEBSITE - Find more relevant content on PINTEREST - Follow on Pinterest: ☞ DESCRIPTION ☜ The Means of Seduction is a successful YouTube channel and online blog focusing on the application of seduction (and other means of influence) in all areas of one’s personal and professional life. The Means of Seduction looks at the sociological and psychological effects of implementing seductive body language, speech patterns, behaviors, and attitudes for the purposes of romantic and platonic relationship-forming, confidence-building, professional achievement, and self-improvement. Visit for more reading. ☞ FEATURED MUSIC ☜ (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE) Source/Artist: Sound Music Free Track: Urban Seduction Genre: Synthwave/Electronic Explore more of Sound Music Free on their YouTube Channel or at Source/Artist: Scott Buckley Track: Tears in Rain Genre: Cinematic Electronica For more of Scott Buckley’s music, please visit Source/Artist: Undogmatic Track: Atmosphere of Seduction Genre: Electronic For more of Undogmatic’s underground stylings, please visit Source: Audio Library - Free Music Artist: Doug Maxwell & Media Right Productions Track: 1940’s Slow Dance Genre: Romantic To find more of Doug Maxwell’s music using Audio Library, follow the link at ☞ FEATURED VIDEO CLIPS ☜ All video clips featured in this presentation by The Means of Seduction were acquired in accordance with YouTube’s fair use regulations and under acceptable terms and conditions for copyrighted, non-copyrighted, and public domain materials. ☞ TIME STAMPS ☜ 00:00:00 — Introduction 0:48 — The 4 Hypnotic Principles 1:24 — “Seduction” Defined 2:01 — “Hypnosis” Defined 2:32 — The Aim of Seduction 3:07 — “Focus” Explained 3:55 — “Fatigue” Explained 5:24 — “Pacing & Leading” Explained 6:59 — “Embedding Commands” Explained 9:29 — Conclusion ☞ TAGS ☜ #seduction #themeansofseduction #eyecontact #sireneyes #communicationskills Copyright © 2020 - 2024 The Means of Seduction. All rights reserved.


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