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Title:Anything But Love Murder On The Orient Express Parody

#1980s #parody #jamieleecurtis #richardlewis #annmagnuson UPDATED INFO: Anything But Love S4, Episode 6: Training Film (OAD: October 30, 1991) of Anything But Love 1 (updated info from Brian Washington-thank you!) Something a little different from me. There was a terrific and critically acclaimed romantic comedy in the 80's called Anything But Love. It starred Richard Lewis and Jamie Lee Curtis. 20th Century Fox/ABC released Volume 1 which encompasses only two seasons and left us with a cliff hanger. Vol 2 which SHOULD have had seasons 3 and 4 never materialized, Now that Disney owns 20th Century Fox, it is doubtful it ever will. 2oth Century Fox was absolutely shameful with the scheduling of this series, which is far more adult, witty, and creative than most sitcoms. Two episodes stood out for me because they segued into parodies. One of them, this one I am posting, I taped in the age of VCRs. The quality has suffered. I looked all over the internet for a better quality version. Had I found one, I would not be posting this. But since this seems, at the moment, to be the ONLY copy possible on the internet, I decided to post, just in case, like me, others are looking for it. The other episode I really want, and sadly, looks like I did NOT tape, is the one with the Twin Peaks parody, These episodes were either in the 3rd or 4th season. Since IMDB and Wikipedia has very little information on individual episodes, I have no earthly idea what the actual titles are to these episodes. Make no mistake, the entire series is great, especially when Ann Magnuson was added in the second season, but these two episodes were the ones I most wanted for memories.


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