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Title:5 Craziest Japanese Game Shows!

So Japan is well known for their wacky inventions and crazy game shows. Some are actually quite funny and entertaining, others are just insane. So in this list ill be showing you 5 of the craziest Japanese game shows. ------------------------------------------------------- Vlog Channel: Twitter: Instagram: Website: ------------------------------------------------------- 5) Let’s go to the end of the world The description of this show doesn't even sound like a game show. In fact it actually sounds quite boring. Essentially contestants are sent all over the world to meet new people and explore new places. Not too crazy but that's before you realize what exactly meeting new people & exploring new paces means. For example here a contestant is locked in a plexiglass box and confronted by a bear. The bear starts attacking and she is filming the whole thing within her box. The point is just to see the persons reaction, and essentially scare the life out of them. 4) Candy or Not Candy Less crazy but certainly more weird. I cant imagine what the producers of this show were on when they came up with this idea. The concept is simple, a contestant is presented with a bunch of normal everyday objects Such as shoes, handles, metal, wood and so fourth. Then they need to guess which one is candy made to look like an everyday object and which one is not. Once they made their choice they have to to one big bite. If they're lucky it turns out to be candy and they move on to the next round. If they're not lucky they've just bit into a shoe on TV. The point is just so silly you cant help but shake your head and laugh. 3) 2 Girls 1 Cockroach This game show's title pretty much sums up the aim of the game. Essentially two women put their mouths on each end of a clear tube. A cockroach is placed inside the tube and they have to blow the insect into the other girls mouth. Whoever successfully gets the cockroach into the other girls mouth wins. A ridiculous idea but then again eating insects or disgusting stuff for entertainment is no different to some game shows we have in the west. 2) Orgasm Wars Now we get into the really weird and crazy shows. Orgasm wars is so ridiculous and to think this actually made it to TV is even more insane. Essentially its a show where a straight man needs to prove how straight he is To do this he needs to refrain from having an orgasm while a gay man performs oral sex on him. This goes on for 40 minutes in front of a live audience. 1) Sing What Happens Another crazy game straight from Japan is Sing What Happens. It's a karaoke show where a male contestant just needs to sing the song. He doesn't have to sing it great but just to get to the end. What exactly is so weird about this? Well while he's singing a female is sexually pleasuring him. The whole show is basically watching a bunch of men in sex face while singing off key. Now if that's not a crazy show, then I don't know what is.


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