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Title:Muay-Thai How To: Punch Kick Combo

Muay-Thai How To: Punch Kick Combo Instructor: Coach Mark Tabuso Location: Evolve Training Center #MuayThai #MuayThaiDrills #MoveOfTheMonth ----- FREE 2-Week Trial & More Info Here: ----- The punch-kick combo of “Jab - Overhand Hook - Body Shot - Low Kick” is an explosive mid to short range combination designed to ‘shape’ your opponent by activating their defense and then capitalizing on the subsequent attack. 1. Once you’ve established a mid to close puncher’s range, throw a quick jab to opponent’s head. 2. When your opponent reacts to the jab, quickly follow up with an overhand hook with your rear hand, making sure you get your head of center and projecting your hook at a downward angle, as if your fist is moving at a 45 degree angle downwards. 3. When and if blocked, the previous hook shapes their body towards the body shot, which is executed at a 45 degree angle upwards this time. (At the liver for a right handed person, the spleen for a left handed person.) 4. From here, step even more off center, and using the momentum built off of the step (like when a punter steps to the ball before the kick), deliver a low kick aimed at opponent’s outside thigh, approximately 2 inches above the knee on the lateral side. 5. Don’t forget to exit and escape safely. The aptly name 1-4-5-low kick combo is used to overwhelm your opponent and cause damage in a short amount of time. ----- Conveniently located in the heart of South San Francisco, Evolve Training Center is run and operated by J Janero and Mark Tabuso. Established in 2011, Evolve is a family-friendly, welcoming place with top-notch martial arts instruction for kid’s and adults. Our members are family and our unmatchable community would love to make you laugh, hold you accountable, and help you reach your health and fitness goals. Whether you are new to combative sports, interested in improving your health and fitness, looking for a place for your kids to burn off energy and build confidence, or if you’re ready to elevate your craft to the competitive level, we have classes and community to help you reach your goals!


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