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Title:Was Fallout 2 as good as I remember? - A forgotten vision of the wasteland's future

Thanks to HelloFresh for sponsoring the video! Use code POGSALTSEPT16 for 16 FREE MEALS across 7 boxes + 3 surprise gifts at Join me as I take a look at what many would argue is the best installation of the Fallout series. Thanks to for voicing Arroyo's shaman. For merch and merch accessories: The audio and drawings for this one were done by my talented wife: Hey I stream on twitch: Twitter: Discord server: Patreon: Songs: The entire Fallout 2 OST, plus a bit of the Fallout OST LAKEY INSPIRED – Chill Day Belief – Watchu Want (ft Karniege) A Kiss to Build a Dream On (instrumental)- Timestamps: 00:00- Intro 02:02- Setting up the world/character creation 06:37- Arroyo: Starting somewhere familiar 11:03- Klamath and consquences 17:20- The Den: Picking your battles 27:00- Modoc 30:17- HelloFresh ad 31:47- Vault City and Gecko 42:54- Redding and Broken Hills 49:54- The random encounter system 53:48- New Reno: Deceit and debauchery 01:12:31- NCR: Annexation and assimilation 01:26:34- Heading back to Arroyo and the Military Base 01:30:52- San Francisco: An underwhelming conflict 01:48:09- Taking on the Enclave 01:58:07- Final thoughts: The Fallout that never was 02:11:06- Outro After watching back this video, it occurs to me that I feel like I was a little easy on the game. My main problem I had was that I kept giving it breaks because it's older, which is fine to a degree. But I do wish I would have expanded more on the idea that the towns in this game were a little more self contained than I hoped they would be. They were good additions in and of themselves, but the interactions between most of them were non-existent. Additionally, I do think I called out "modern games" a bit too much, and wish I had provided some examples of what I was talking about. Unfortunately, I stumbled a bit there, and I'll try to do better in the future. Thanks for watching!


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