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Title:What are Electric Impulses and what can you do with them?

What are electric impulses? Nikola Tesla wrote often about impulses in his 1890's lectures and patents. Impulses are not the same as pulses, because they are resonant half waves. There are current and voltage impulses, and both create displacement currents, which Tesla used for his Radiant energy experiments. Learn all about Impulses in this video! 00:00 - Intro 00:34 - A pulse is NOT an impulse 02:02 - Impulses create Displacement Currents 03:03 - Impulses are resonant half waves 03:25 - resonant sine waves picture 06:00 - How to produce impulses 06:07 - Voltage impulse creation by a coil 06:40 - Voltage Impulse Polarity 07:23 - A current impulse is generated by a capacitor 08:23 - The difference between voltage- and current impulses 08:34 - Voltage is relative 10:31 - The difference in induced Displacement Current 10:40 - Displacement induced by a current impulse 11:58 - Displacements from a voltage impulse 12:59 - Two polarities of displacement 13:36 - Direction of displacement visualised 15:06 - Displacement flowing IN or OUT 16:09 - Displacement from a Voltage Impulse 17:12 - Recap on Displacement direction 17:30 - What can we do with Impulses? 18:03 - Conclusions 18:46 - outro To fund my open source research, click here: The above link will bring you to my PayPal donation page: Thanks you for making this open source research possible! My website: Instagram:


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