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Title:How To Heal Your Grief By Changing Your Story | David Kessler, Grief Expert

Watch David Kessler’s full course Help for the Hurting Heart and get the course free for 5 days: Watch 100+ other courses from top wellness teachers by trying Commune free for 14 days: Grief is about your heart, but your mind can take control by creating stories. Remember, the events do not change: death is death and divorce is divorce. Facts are what happened, without anything added. Yet, your mind likes to create stories to find reason and meaning in the events. How you tell your story can change. You are not the author of the facts, but you have the power to change the story you tell yourself and other people. That’s where you have some control. You are not powerless in your pain. CONNECT WITH US Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: ABOUT COMMUNE Commune offers video courses and online workshops led by world-renowned teachers in personal development, yoga, meditation, health, sustainability, and social activism. Commune courses are designed to educate and empower people to create positive, lasting change in their lives and communities. Our mission is to make well-being and spirituality accessible for everyone. 14-DAY FREE TRIAL Commune Membership helps you nourish your mind, body, and spirit with daily video lessons and practices designed to help you live life well. Start your free trial today:


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