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Title:Full stack web UI with Blazor in .NET 8 | .NET Conf 2023

In .NET 8 you can deliver the best web app experiences entirely in Blazor using Blazor's convenient component model. You can build your entire web app in Blazor without the needed for writing JavaScript or mixing web frameworks. In this session you'll see how you can use Blazor's new server-side rendering support to power your web apps from the server for maximum performance and scalability. You'll see how you can easily add advanced capabilities like streaming rendering and enhanced navigation & form handling to further optimize the user experience. Then add rich client-side interactivity wherever it is needed using Blazor Server or Blazor WebAssembly. Chapters: 00:00 Welcome 00:46 Build rich interactive web UI with Blazor 01:51 Build web apps faster with Blazor 02:12 Full stack web UI with Blazor 03:14 Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly recap 04:03 New in .NET 8 - Static Server-side Rendering (SSR) 06:11 E-shop Demo - 09:35 Streaming SSR 13:58 Enhanced navigation 18:49 Static SSR Forms 23:50 Interactive components 32:56 Auto mode 34:20 In summary 34:54 New Blazor Web App template 35:25 Demo 40:58 Additional Blazor enhancements in .NET 8 41:51 Generate static HTML content with components 42:32 Demo 52:32 .NET WebAssembly improvements 53:36 How to get started 55:24 Summary of new features in .NET 8 Download .NET 8 - Hack Together - Learn collection - .NET 8 Survey - Local Events - Hero blog - Blog: Twitter: TikTok: Mastodon: LinkedIn: Facebook: Docs: Forums: 🙋‍♀️Q&A: 👨‍🎓Microsoft Learn: #dotnet #dotnetconf #blazor


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