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Title:Daniel Ingram - Experiencing No Self: Part One

For upcoming events check out If you would like to support future content contributions are greatly appreciated. Patreon: One-off PayPal donations: Podcast #5: Daniel Ingram - Experiencing No-Self Part 1 Daniel discusses his personal experience of realising the truth of there not being a 'Self' Daniel is an emergency room physician, author of ‘Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha,’ founder of Dharma Overground and holds an M.D., M.S.P.H. in Epidemiology, and B.A. in English Literature all from UNC Chapel Hill. DISCUSSION TOPICS 0:00 Introduction 2:18 Daniel’s personal journey to realising there is No-Self - a clockwork universe means there is no free will 7:50 Resonance between science and Buddhist teachings 9:00 Meditation reinforces both the sense of free will and no free will. 14:57 Things know themselves where they are THE MECHANICS OF PERCEIVING NO-SELF 17:25 Half perceiving versus fully perceiving is what creates a sense of Self 21:30 You can train your mind to hardwire the perceiving of No-Self 25:00 Raw sensate information 30:00 Speed reading and ‘Magic Eye’ as an example of dramatic cognitive shift 34:25 The illusion of a real past, future or doer becomes absurd 35:00 NLP as a paradigm for how the illusion of past and future is constructed. DEALING WITH EXISTENTIAL TERROR & TRAUMA 41:50 The benefits of perceiving the transient nature of reality 42:32 Comforting the parts that are freaked out by the implications of ‘No-Self’ 47:58 Depersonalisation, dissociation and existential crisis 50:20 Willoughby Britton and data on dealing with challenging experiences 52:00 Meditative terror as a form of pleasure 54:10 The great debate: How much suffering is required on the spiritual path? IS THIS ABOUT TRUTH OR BLISS? 59:00 Is it about truth, or feeling good? 1:02:50 A complete ontology is not required for the perceptual shift to occur Banner art by Jade Wade The Dancing Wu Lee Masters Spirituality Explained Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Cheetah House Online - Dr Willoughby Britton


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