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Title:ITALY TRAVEL TIPS FOR FIRST TIMERS | 50 Must-Knows Before Visiting Italy + What NOT to Do!

Planning to visit Italy for the first time? In this video, I'm sharing all my best Italy travel tips for new visitors, from important must-knows for your Italy trip to common mistakes that tourists make in Italy. Don't miss this video if you're planning your own trip to Italy! ➡️ Read the written version of this guide: ➡️ Follow me on Instagram for real-time Stories and shenanigans: ➡️ Follow me on TikTok for more casual content: 0:00 INTRODUCTION 0:25 TRAVEL PLANNING TIPS FOR ITALY 1:38 TRANSPORT & GETTING AROUND IN ITALY 4:07 CULTURE & ETIQUETTE TIPS IN ITALY 5:34 ATTRACTIONS IN ITALY 8:05 TIPS FOR WHEN YOU ARRIVE IN ITALY 10:49 FOOD AND DRINK TIPS IN ITALY CHRISTINA'S TRAVEL GEAR Note - many of the links below are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more info on what this means, check out my website privacy policy and disclosure: ➡️ My Camera {Paid Link}: ➡️ My Favourite Regular Packing Cubes {Paid Link}: ➡️ My Favourite Compression Packing Cubes {Paid Link}: ➡️ My Favourite Noise Cancelling Headphones {Paid Link}: ➡️ My White, More Elegant Carry-On {Paid Link}: ➡️ My Black, More Minimalist Carry-On {Paid Link}: ➡️ My Pretty Re-Usable Toiletry Bottles {Paid Link}: ➡️ My Amazing E-Reader That Links to the Library for FREE Books {Paid Link}: OTHER TRAVEL RESOURCES ➡️ Book Italy attractions {Affiliate Link}: ➡️ My favourite travel credit card - Wise: {Referral Link} ➡️ Honey for finding coupons automatically: {Referral Link} ➡️ Where I search hotels {Paid Link}: ➡️ Where I search flights: ➡️ Where I compare/book transport in Europe {Paid Link}: ➡️ My go-to travel insurance {Paid Link}: ➡️ Where I book activities/tours {Paid Link}: ➡️ Rakuten USA for cash-back on purchases {Referral Link}: ➡️ Rakuten Canada {Referral Link} for cash-back on purchases: ➡️ Airfare Watchdog {Paid Link}: ➡️ American Express Platinum Referral Link (for 60,000 points!): ➡️ Airhelp {Paid Link}: MORE EUROPE VIDEOS: ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ EUROPE TRAVEL TIPS & MUST-KNOWS: ➡️ My best Europe travel tips: ➡️ How to travel Europe by train: ➡️ Grab my free Europe trip planning workbook: ➡️ Grab my free accommodation checklist: ➡️ My (brutally honest) Flixbus review: ➡️ My honest RyanAir review: ➡️ Europe summer packing list: ➡️ Europe winter packing list: ➡️ How to avoid pickpockets in Europe: Travelling to Italy for the first time? In need of Italy travel advice that caters to a newbie? This Italy travel guide is packed with must-knows before you visit Italy as a tourist, with a rundown of common tourist mistakes in Italy as well as answers to common questions like how to tip in Italy, Italy culture shocks, Italy culture and etiquette tips, where to go in Italy, places to visit in Italy and more so you can have the Italy trip of your dreams.


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