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Title:Aragorn's Ring of Barahir | Tolkien Explained

While it does not possess great power, the Ring of Barahir would play an important role to Aragorn, his ancestors, and Finrod Felagund - brother of Galadriel! Hit subscribe and the bell for great Tolkien content every week! Nerd of the Rings on PATREON: NOTR merch: To purchase artist work, check out these amazing artists! Tulikoura - Matthew Stewart - BellaBergolts - Magdalena Katanska - Jerry Vanderstelt - Anna Podedworna - Jenny Dolfen - Kimberly80 - Turner Mohan - Ted Nasmith - Anke Eissmann - Aronja Art - Ivan Cavini - Sara Morello - Matěj Čadil - Tulikoura - Aegeri - Justyna Dura - Sergio Botero - Noe Leyva - Clemence Morisseau - Edvige Faini - , Miriam Ellis - Stevce Lazarevski - Álvaro González - MirachRavaia - Magdalena Olechny - elven smith - Tolman Cotton The Oath of Felagund - Antti Autio Aragorn of the Dunedain - Peter Xavier Price Arwen and Aragorn - Matt Stewart The Oath of Finrod to Barahir - Anke Eissmann finrod - Jenny Dolfen Finrod & Finarfin - Ralph Damiani The Crossing of Finrod - Ralph Damiani Finrod - Alystraea finrod, beor & green elves of ossiriand - steamey Beor - Turner Mohan Battle of Sudden Flame - Alan Lee Rescue, Finrod and Barahir - Marya Filatova Aragorn - Daniel Dougherty Beren - Peter Xavier Price Unhappy Gorlim - Turner Mohan Beren, Song of Parting - Ted Nasmith orcs debate - Turner Mohan beserker orc - weta workshop Beren finds the orcs - Andrea Piparo Orcs - Aegeri beren & luthien - Jenny Dolfen Beren and Luthien - Ralph Damiani Menegroth - David Greset Beren's Trial - Anke Eißmann Beren leaves Menegroth - Peter Xavier Price Beren - Jenny Dolfen Battle of Dale - Jan Pospisil Faramir - Anke Eissmann Daeron at the court of Menegroth - Pete Amachree Menegroth - dracarysdrekkar Finrod - YidanYuan Beleg Departs from Menegroth - Alan Lee Beren at Felagund's Throne - Antti Autio Finrod is reminded of his oath - Anke Eißmann Beren and Luthien - Janka Latečková Finrod - Jenny Dolfen finrod felagund - Turner Mohan finrod and galadriel - anotherstranger_me finrod - Bella Bergolts The Oath of Feanor - Jenny Dolfen royal court of thingol - steamey finrod in nargothrond - anotherstranger_me finrod and sauron - anotherstranger_me Death of Finrod Felagund - Anke Eißmann beren and luthien - steamey beren and luthien - Turner Mohan Lake and mountains - Felix Englund Elros Tar-Minyatur - Ralph Damiani Tar Elendil Relinquishes the Scepter - Ralph Damiani Lady of Andunie - Sara M. Morello a royal. wedding in numenor - Matej Cadil Andunie (from 'Aldarion and Erendis') - David Greset Elendil - Ralph Damiani isildur and_sauron - tulikoura Isildur steals the last fruit of Nimloth - Sara M. Morello The Death of Isildur - Anke Eissmann The One Ring - John Howe The Gladden Fields - Anke Eissmann The Gladden Fields - Anke Eissmann rivendell at sunset - kuliszu Ohtar takes leave of Isildur - Anke Eißmann Isildurs Last Counselor - Anke Eissmann Arvedui - Steamey Barrowdowns in the Age of Arnor - Peter Xavier Price King Arvedui - Lída Holubová Witch King of Angmar - Peet Aragorn - John Howe Arvedui - Lída Holubová Mountain realm dwarves - Felix Englund Narsil - Daniel Dougherty Rivendell - Jerry Vanderstelt The Trek of the Dúnedain - Anke Eißmann A Ranger of the North - Anna Kulisz Elrond - Anke Eissmann Elrond and Estel - Anna Kulisz Elrond - Alystraea Elrond - Steve Airola Strider - Matt Stewart Strider - CK Goksoy Aragorn - Anna Kulisz Shard of Narsil Aragorn - Matthew Stewart Arwen's Choice - Ted Nasmith Evenstar - Aragorn and Arwen - Aronja Art Lorien - Ralph Damiani Cloudy view - Felix Englund the death of arwen - alystraea Minas Tirith - Abe Papakhian Eldarion of Gondor - Sara M. Morello Andunie - Ralph Damiani Arwen and Aragorn - Catherine Chmiel Book - Bryan Bitter aragorn and arwen - mellorianj Faramir - Catherine Chmiel #aragorn #lordoftherings #tolkien


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