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Title:Sheikh Chilli Ep 8 不KAJI AUR SHEIKH CHILLI (Comedy of Sheikh Chilli) Spiritual TV

Episode 8 - "Kaji aur Sheikh Chilli", Sheikh Chilli Stories are the best comedy stories in Indian history. You will love Sheikh Chilli Stories and don't forget to share this story with your family and friends. Sample Short Sheikh Chilli Story: Once there lived a man named Sheikh Chilli. He was a simpleton but was very popular among his friends. One day, the landlord asked Chilli to count the total number of houses in the village. I will pay you fifty paisa for each house you count! the landlord said. Sheikh Chilli walked all over the village and counted all the houses and the landlord paid him as per the terms. When Chillis friends came to know about this deal, they said, Chilli! Dont you know that the landlord is dishonest? We are sure he must have cheated you! Dont worry, friends! said Sheikh Chilli. I cheated him this time! I counted hundred houses, but I only told him half the number! Hearing this, Sheikh Chillis friends had a hearty laugh. About Sheikh Chilli: Sufi Saint Abdul-Karim Abd-ur-Razak; popularly known by the name of Sheikh Chilli, was a Qadiriyya Sufi, he was known for his wisdom and generosity. He was the master of Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh (A.D. 1650). Many people consider him as a great darwesh. There is a Sheikh Chilli's Tomb located in Thanesar, Haryana, India, in Kurukshetra. Who made Sheikh Chilli tomb? Sir Alexandar Cunninghum, the first Director-General of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI; during 186265) placed the tomb's construction to around 1650. Many scholars have also attributed these two tombs to different saints and personages, but the locals refer to it as the tomb of Sheikh Chilli. Who is the author of Sheikh Chilli? The Best of Sheikh Chilli, by Mrs Rungeen Singh is one of the popular story books meant for young readers. The book consists of stories of Sheikh Chilli, a simpleton but very eminent character among children all over the subcontinental India. Sheikh Chilli Ep 8 不 Excellent Comedy Story of Sheikh Chilli | Best Comedy Story | Spiritual TV #SheikhChilli #ComedyStory #SpiritualTV #MoralStory #IndianStory #SpiritualWorld #SpiritualStories #ReligiousStories ... Recommended Videos ````````````````````````````````` #SpiritualOneness TOP 5 Religious Stories #SpiritualTV TOP 5 Spiritual Stories #SRMM TOP 5 Relaxing Flute Music for Positive Energy


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