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Title:What High-Performing Sales Teams Do Different

Some businesses offer the best products and services but can’t seem to have high-performing sales teams. What could be the reason behind it, and how can you, as a business owner, promote excellence in the workplace? Tune in to this episode as Matt and I dig a little deeper into the factors that affect the performance of a salesperson, how to build a culture of excellence, and what high-performing sales teams do differently compared to low-performing sales teams. If you want to see development in your team’s performance, this episode is for you! In this episode, we cover: • [0:00] Introduction • [1:14] How company culture affects the sales teams’ performance • [3:37] Low-performing companies with low-performing salespeople • [4:10] Words of affirmation in the workplace • [5:03] Why you should value your employees • [7:16] How to deal with egos getting out of control • [11:31] How important is recognizing top performers? • [13:41] The key element that changes a salesperson’s performance • [14:20] Tied to the outcome vs. tied to the process • [16:21] Yes, there’s such a thing as too much training • [18:38] Get better at sales with Sales Revolution _ ✅ Resources: JOIN the Sales Revolution: Book a "Clarity CALL": _ ✅ Connect with Me: Follow Jeremy Miner on Facebook: Follow Jeremy Miner on Instagram: Follow Jeremy Miner on LinkedIn: _ ✅ SUBSCRIBE to My Podcast CLOSERS ARE LOSERS with Jeremy Miner: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe and Review on Spotify: Subscribe and Review on Stitcher: Subscribe and Review on Google Podcasts: #closersarelosers #companyculture #highperformancecoaching #sales


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