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Title:ULTIMATE Finnish food tour (MUST TRY 15+ dishes in Finland) 🇫🇮

First time trying Finnish traditional food! Check out out our reaction trying Finnish food. MUST try Finnish food in Helsinki, Finland! Food we tried on this video: 1. Cinnamon bun (korvapuusti) at Ekberg 1852 2. Blueberry pie at Ekberg 1852 3. Finnish coffee at Ekberg 1852 4. Sauteed reindeer at Restaurant Konstan Möljä 5. Vorshmack at Restaurant Konstan Möljä 6. Karelian stew at Restaurant Konstan Möljä 7. Karelian pie at Restaurant Konstan Möljä 8. Finnish cabbage roll at Restaurant Konstan Möljä 9. Rye bread and smoked salmon at Restaurant Konstan Möljä 10. Baked salmon at Restaurant Konstan Möljä 11. Reindeer cheese soup at Restaurant Konstan Möljä 12. Salmon soup at Ravintola Kannas 13. Finnish meatballs at Ravintola Kannas 14. Fried vendace at Ravintola Kannas 15. Bread cheese with cloudberry at Ravintola Kannas 16. Burger and fries at Hesburger Get an exclusive Surfshark VPN deal! Enter promo code JETFAM to get up to 3 additional months for free at ▶︎Join the JetFam channel membership to get access to perks, including live members only chat: ▶︎SUBSCRIBE! (it's free!!) ▶︎If you like our videos and would like to support us, consider buying us a cup of coffee (or chai / teh tarik)! ☕️: ▶︎FACEBOOK: @JetLag Warriors ▶︎INSTAGRAM: @jetlagwarriors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JetLagWarriors is a Canadian couple -- Steve and Ivana. After travelling here and there for a few years, mostly during Canadian winter, we fully caught the travel bug and decided to travel INDEFINITELY! Subscribe to keep up with our journey. Thanks! TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Does anyone not like cinnamon? I don't think so 2:54 - Finnish blueberry pie is different than North America! 4:56 - "Cabin in the snow" style restaurant 5:34 - NEW INGREDIENT: Lingon berry (it's like cranberry + raspberry?) 6:47 - First time eating reindeer! (sorry, Santa) 7:55 - Finnish surf 'n' turf is like corned beef? (not SPAM) 12:10 - Never judge a book by it's cover: Vorschmack edition 13:25 - First time tying karelian pie (rice porridge in bread) 15:10 - My wife is FANCY (she eats caviar) 16:14 - IVANA SAYS RYE BREAD TASTES LIKE CARDBOARD 18:04 - Finnish food frequently reminds me of Christmas / Thanksgiving 19:36 - STEVE THOUGHT KARELIAN STEW WAS REINDEER (worst food vlogger ever) 20:31 - UNEXPECTED: Cheese and reindeer soup (guilty pleasure??) 22:43 - WE TRAVELED A MILLION MILES FOR FAST FOOD BURGERS (no regrets) 27:05 - Salmon soup with dill (surprisingly good) 29:59 - I hate to compare this to IKEA meatballs (this is better!!, but similar) 31:27 - Anchovy + sardine = vendace?? 33:23 - Well, maybe sometimes judge a book by its cover 35:05 - MUST EAT IN FINLAND: Breadcheese and cloudberry jam 36:03 - Raspberry + honey = Cloudberry jam? Music in the Video: –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Track: Chicago — Jey Co [Audio Library Release] Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: Free Download / Stream: ------------------------------ Qlowdy - Crescent Moon Link : ------------------------------


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