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Title:The King of Center Consoles ! Amg Cigarette Tirranna (Sea Trial)

The fantastic people at Cigarette Racing have come to the 2020 Miami International Boat Show with a 59 foot Amg Tirrana center console. This isn't an ordinary center console this is a super center console yacht. Powered by six Mercury 450's this almost 60 foot boat has a top speed of 80 mph! Come join me as i walk with Chad Braver from Cigarette and he takes me on a sea trial that most people cant imagine. This thing is fast,sexy, and most of all the King Of Center Consoles! 0:00- Intro 0:40 Cigarette Tirranna Wide Open (tease Clip) 1:17 Cigarette Tirranna Mercury 450 hp Start up/Boarding 3:30 Cigarette Tirranna Crew departure from Mibs2020 5:09 Chad Braver Cigarette Interview/Discussing Amg Model 6:17 Chad Braver Mercury Racing 450 Hp Opinion 6:48 Cigarette Tirranna Bow of the Boat walkthrough 9:28 Dry Weight/Fuel Capacity /Specs SeaKeeper 9 10:25 Chad Braver Discussing Cigarette Tirranna Sound System 11:15 Chad Braver Discusses Laminate Schedule/Build Process of Cigarette Tirranna 12:47 Seating Options/Lounge Cushions/ Boat Capacity 36/Summer Kitchen 14:54 Hard Top/ Sure Shade 15:44 Chad Braver Preparing to Launch Cigarette Tirranna /Alfred Montaner 15:58 Hole Shot ! Chad Scaring Alfred Montaner 18:18 Gauges/Gps Speed 19:24 Count up to WIDE OPEN ! 19:55 Six Mercury Outboard Engines Wide Open Cigarette Tirranna 80.5 Mph 21:12 Chad Braver 80.5 Mph Cigarette Tirranna/Gauges Confirmation 21:53 Captain Jimmy Cigarette Tirranna 22:25 Cigarette Tirranna Cabin 23:57 Cigarette Tirranna Head/Bathroom 24:46 Full Cabin Wide Shot 25:41 Cigarette Tirranna Price 27:31 King of Haulover Alfred Montaner Outro


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