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Title:Gettysburg Winter Auto Tour: Cemetery Ridge 🚗

UPDATE: About midway through, i mentioned that the locals like to enjoy the battlefield recreationally - including walking their dogs. The park is HALLOWED GROUND, and dog walking NOT permitted. Maybe it was just my imagination, but i'm pretty sure i've observed this, albeit very rarely, during the off-season. Even still, it is NOT permitted, so please be advised and have some respect. ***** Who would bother shooting this auto tour in such drab conditions? i would, of course! In my opinion, all seasons are good opportunities to film any scenic situations. Each has its own character, and all have their pluses and minuses. As i've said before, visiting Gettysburg is, to me personally, always enriching and a worthy experience, but rarely a jolly one. Sometimes when i'm out on the battlefield and the weather is very fine, i actually, sometimes find myself wishing the weather would turn, so it would better fit a more solemn mood. But i never DON'T want to shoot it, unless the climate is downright foul, raining hard, or such. To reiterate and to be perfectly clear: i am nowhere NEAR being on the level of a bona fide battlefield guide, and probably never will be. i will undoubtedly continue to cock up these videos, get the farms mixed up, and get my dates wrong (usually via accidental misspeak). This is just me, having fun, doing what i love, sharing it with you, and trying my best to entice others to STOP WATCHING and START VISITING Gettysburg, and the rest of the historic places in the MD-VA-PA tristate area, as well as the beautiful, coastal Delmarva. If it's a genuine battlefield expert you seek, again, i would refer you to the good Rangers of the NPS, the American Battlefield Trust, and the Adams County Historical Society. THEY'RE the pros. Anyway, i hope folks enjoyed the rather brief tour, and, don't fret - more sunny days and shoots are of course ahead on down the road! 🌞 Go visit Gettysburg soon! Anytime's a great time! The NPS at Gettysburg: The American Battlefield Trust: Adams County Historical Society: #Gettysburg #CivilWar #4Kdrive


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