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Title:What The First 6 Months Did to the Hull - Episode 292 - Acorn to Arabella: Journey of a Wooden Boat

Steve orchestrates Arabella's inaugural haul out in Rockland, Maine, and it's our first time having a look at Arabella on the hard again. This DIY wooden boat, launched just this past June (2023), Arabella faces a couple of routine maintenance challenges for this short haul-out, notably, substantial damage to the bottom paint due to oak planking swelling. Steve also gets to the replacement of the zinc anode on the propeller and the careful repacking of the stuffing box with flax packing—a choice informed by Nigel Calder's expertise to mitigate potential galvanic corrosion due to stray current. Whether you're a boat enthusiast or curious about vessel maintenance, Steve's hands-on approach and insights make this video an educational voyage into the world of boat care. After some sailing, let's delve into a maintenance adventure! -------------------------- Sign up for our email newsletter: Acorn to Arabella started as a wooden boat building project in Granby, Massachusetts. Steve began the journey as an amateur wooden boat builder crafting a 38' wooden sailboat in his backyard: designer William Atkin's Ingrid with a Stormy Petrel's gaff rig. These videos follow the journey from tree felling, to lumber milling, to lofting, to the lead keel pour and now sailing the boat—sharing details of the woodworking, carpentry, metal smithing, tool building, and tool maintenance that traditional wooden boats command. This ultimate DIY project continues beyond the boat shop, as Steve and crew travel and learn to cruise aboard the handmade wooden boat that they've built. Just kidding about all that, this channel is about a Siberian Laika named Akiva. -------------------------- TotalBoat supports A2A! Please consider using our Total Boat referral code. Click here, then shop: They'll kick 10% our way! In this episode we use TotalBoat Spartan bottom paint, and we're so grateful for their technical support, too! To offer recurring support via Patreon, CLICK BELOW. Just $5 a month gets you an invite to our monthly patron-only livestream Q&A sessions! Original Soundtrack available at FOLLOW US: Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: Website:


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