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Title:COLOR THEORY - My Ideal Palette and Color Mixing Strategies for realistic Colors

In this video, I talk about about the pigments I prefer for my palette and explain my color mixing strategies for realistic paintings. Learn more about color theory ➡ ADVANCED PAINTING COURSE ON COLOR AND PAINT - A 9HR COURSE : Free pdf of the color wheel ➡ Free Resources for artists : Like and subscribe ! *** ➡ Thank you for supporting me on Patreon! ➡ LEARN OIL PAINTING - A 7 HOURS VIDEO COURSE : ➡ ADVANCED PAINTING COURSE ON COLOR AND PAINT - A 9HR COURSE : ✔ Social media : Facebook : Instagram : Support me on PATREON and access real-time tutorials with commentary (and more) : If you want to connect with me, the best option is to use the contact form on my website. Write me : *** About me (bio) : Website : I am an artist living and working in France. I learned the techniques of the Atelier of the Nineteenth century and now I try to share some of my knowledge with the rest of the world, because I think that beauty still has an important role to play in artistic creation. I do mostly drawing and oil painting, and my goal is always to provide techniques, thoughts and explanations that can be useful to anyone, from beginners to more advanced artists. The material I use most of the time (not necessarily in this video) : Drawing Equipement ✓ Kneaded eraser ✓ Plumb line ✓ Small mirror ✓ An old synthetic brush ✓ Masking tape ✓ Cutter ✓ Sandpaper or sanding block ✓ Mahlstick or Hand rest (DIY) ✓ Level ruler Graphite ✓ Pencils 2H, HB and 2B Charcoal ✓ If available: Nitram charcoals (H, HB and B) ✓ Square charcoals ✓ Natural charcoal box Black and white chalk ✓ Sketch pencil Conté white ✓ Square Conté noir : HB and 2B ✓ Chalk or pencil holder ✓ Pencil sketch Conté Pierre noire : H and HB Sanguine ✓ Sketch pencil Conté : Blood and blood Medici ✓ Crayon Polychromos Faber-Castel : sanguine ✓ Sketch pencil Conté white Oil painting Palette (Extra-fine paint, recommended brands depending on availability: Lefranc Bourgeois, Winsor and Newton, Royal Talens Rembrandt) ✓ Titanium white PW6 ✓ Yellow ochre PY42 ✓ Burnt Sienna PR101 or PBr7 ✓ Venetian red or English red PR101 ✓ Permanent Alizarin crimson PV19 or PR177 or Quinacridone Rose PV19 ✓ Cobalt teal blue PG50 ✓ French ultramarine blue PB29 ✓ Raw umber PBr7 ✓ Burnt umber PBr7 ✓ Ivory Black PBk9 Brushes ✓ About ten filbert hog bristle brushes sizes n° 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ✓ Some flat brushes ✓ Round sable brush or round Kolinsky sable n° 4, 8, 10, 12 (from the size of the nail (about one inch) or synthetic imitation Medium ✓ Linseed stand oil ✓ Odourless mineral spirits ✓ Safflower oil Surface ✓ Linen canvas, fine grain universal coating ✓ For studies : Canson oil-acrylic oil paper Figueras Others ✓ Palette ✓ Foam and spalter brushes ✓ Palette knife in the shape of a water drop, no souldering ✓ A few small pots, containers, jars... ✓ Paper towels *** #art #palette #color *** Thanks for watching !


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