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Title:Twin Turbo Cafe Racer Moto Guzzi Full Build - Motorcycle Build ASMR

Well the Twin Turbo Moto Guzzi V50 is finally done! It's been a long road to get here. Firstly, Patreon is live! I've made a dedicated video for turbocharging a motorcycle, for both draw-through setups and blow-through setups. It is a complete breakdown, from someone who's done both, and just the blow through section of the video alone is a valuable resource. There's very little information on the internet regarding how to do a blow-through setup on a motorcycle, and the information that does exist is super vague, i.e. "you need a fuel pump, fuel pressure reg, and pressureize carb vents" but finding what fuel pressure regulator you need, where to find one, how to adjust it etc. can all become so overwhelming you just say "forget it". All of this and much more is covered in the video. Current videos on Patreon Include -How to Turbocharge your Vintage Motorcycle, Draw Through and Blow Through; A Complete Guide -How to Wire your Motorcycle From Scratch, with No Experience -How to Shorten and Modify Clutch And Throttle Cables The final setup on this bike ended up being about 6PSI on GT15 turbo's. I'm running 100 octane in this video. It was well over 100 degrees when filming this video so I decided not to get too crazy with boost. It's probably a good thing because I forgot to fill up the tank before driving all the way out to the filming location. Would have really liked to get a solid 1-4th pull and some more flyby's in but it wasn't in the cards. Always forget something, right? There will be more content on this bike. I still have plans to switch over to E85, but need to work out the small kinks/post build issues before doing so. Stay tuned for the next build, a twin turbo Kawasaki KZ650!


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