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Title:Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial For Beginners - Bash Basics in 20 Minutes

In this video you will learn Bash Basics in under 20 Minutes. The video gives a brief explanation into what Bash is and what are differences between Bash, Shell and the Terminal. You will also learn all the Shell Scripting basics starting from commands on how to work with directories (mv, cd, rm, cp, touch, nano, etc...) up to creating your own Bash Scripts and executing them in the Shell. By watching this video you should gain basic knowledge over Bash, you should be able to navigate around directories, manipulate files, search for content and create basic automated scripts that can be executed in the CLI. Bash is a Unix shell and command language. Written by Brain Fox as a free alternative to the Bourne Shell. The Shell is basically the command line. You type commands into a terminal window which then in return are executed. Terminals, command lines or consoles, allow us to accomplish and automate tasks on a computer without the use of a graphical user interface or GUI. If you want to learn how to become a great Software Engineer, Advance your Career, Learn Everything from Python to AWS head over to 🚨 🚨 For any thoughts, ideas, feedback or questions contact me at 🚨 🚨 Disclaimer: All videos are for educational purposes and use them wisely. Any video might have inaccurate or outdated information. I give my best to research every topic thoroughly but please be aware that videos can contain mistakes.


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