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Title:How To Sharpen a Knife

Check out my website for more info on my knives: Standard sharpening system ($38): Diamond system, shown in the video ($69): Stand for the sharpening system ($13): More info and links in the description below. Sharpening a knife can be dangerous, so make sure you are careful and go slowly! This video shows how to sharpen a knife using the Lansky knife sharpening system. Sharpening a knife with a stone can be daunting for beginners, so I wanted to present an easier method that produces consistent results. This process can be be used on hunting, camping and kitchen knives with no problems. After you've gotten a kitchen knife razor sharp with this method it's easy to keep it that way with a steel hone or a strop. The knife sharpener that I show in the video is much kinder to your knives (and much more effective) than the carbide 'pull through' sharpeners. The first time you sharpen the knife will require the most work, after that any subsequent sharpenings will be easier and will remove much less material from the blade. This process works on any knife steel. If you have any questions regarding how you should be sharpening or maintaining your knives feel free to ask in the comments! PLEASE NOTE: I am not affiliated with Lansky in any way, I use the product and I think it works well, that's the only reason I'm recommending it. Spend the extra for the diamond system if you can afford it. They both work well, but the diamond system is faster. The diamond version will also work much better on steels that have high carbide content like D2, S30V, S35V, M4, and so on... For more info on my knives visit my website: The knife shown in this video is a Resolute 4"


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