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Title:How Zira ACTUALLY Got The Nasty Scar On Her Ear...

How Zira ACTUALLY got the disturbing scar on her ear in Lion King... Scar gets a lot of attention when it comes to The Lion King. But some fans might argue that Zira was a far more influential villain than Mufasa’s brother. I mean, even just the way she looked was intimidating when you compare her to the other lionesses in the franchise, especially with that gnarly wound on her ear. Have you ever wondered how exactly Zira got that scar, though? While Disney has never outright explained where it came from, there are a few theories that might be able to answer that question. Here are some of the most likely reasons for Zira’s mysterious and intimidating wound on her right ear. Subscribe for Disney Universe review, highest grossing Pixar films, and all Disney Movies. Inspired by Isaac Carlson, SuperCarlinBrothers, and Inspired by The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride Simba Confronts Zira Inspired by Zira's Story | The Lion King Inspired by Nuka’s Full Story | Scar's Neglected Heir: Discovering Disney's The Lion King Inspired by Zira's FULL STORY (mixed with my theories) | The Lion King II: Discovering Disney Inspired by MUFASA: The Lion King 2 – Full Teaser Trailer – Live-Action Movie – Disney Studio Also check out: Welcome to the ultimate and ever-expanding fanbase for Disney nerds all over the world! Click here to subscribe: Click here to subscribe: Check out the official Deluxe Amazon Store! 💛Keep being awesome everyone!!💛


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