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Title:Acceptance, the real treatment - Ma Anand Sheela (Wild Wild Country) and Jason Grant

Ma Anand Sheela is known to modern generations from Netflix documentary 'Wild Wild Country'. She spent 20+ years as the organiser of Rajneeshpuram community in Oregon in USA being the right hand person of spiritual teacher Rajneesh AKA Osho. Jason wanted to find out what Ma Anand Sheela has been up to since then. He spoke to her about her advice on mindset, life and mental health. Make sure to watch until the end for full advice and insights. To develop a completely clear mind, check out programme with Jason Grant. 00:00 Introduction 00:27 Who are you? 02:00 What is your life like these days? 03:46 How old do you feel? 04:44 Communal living advice 10:43 What does it mean to 'be there'? 13:09 Mental health 24:45 How do you keep yourself balanced? 26:44 How do you ensure that other's minds don't impact on your well being? 32:18 What is the role of spirituality in healthy psychology? 34:42 What is your current spiritual practice? 37:10 What is your core message today? 39:24 Are you writing any books? 41:55 Is it possible to get to wholeness and balance within oneself? 45:12 About simplicity 46:45 What is the biggest problem for humanity today? 47:20 Where will the world be in 20+ years time? 50:20 What is the role of tribal elder in a commune? 53:44 What is the question you would like to be asked? #wildwildcountry #mentalhealth #osho


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