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Title:Mood, Let Me Down Slowly ~ Sad songs playlist for broken hearts ~ English chill songs

🟒 Listen on Spotify: Tracklist: 00:00 lost. & Pop Mage - Mood 02:45 lost. & Honeyfox & Pop Mage - Let Her Go 06:12 lost., Veronica Bravo, Pop Mage - Stereo Love 08:23 Veronica Bravo, lost., Pop Mage - Billie Jean. 11:46 lost. & Honeyfox & Pop Mage - Just Give Me A Reason 15:50 Honeyfox, lost., Pop Mage - Love Me Like You Do 17:44 Honeyfox, lost. & Pop Mage - I'm Yours 22:28 lost., Zelli King, Pop Mage - Surrender 25:00 Honeyfox, lost., Pop Mage - Can't Help Falling In Love With You 27:45 lost., Honeyfox, Pop Mage - Love Yourself 30:12 Veronica Bravo, lost., Pop Mage - Everytime We Touch 32:59 lost. & Honeyfox & Pop Mage - My Heart Will Go On 37:28 Caravn, lost., Pop Mage - Another Love 40:39 Timmy Commerford, lost., Pop Mage - At My Worst 43:22 lost., Honeyfox, Pop Mage - Heat Waves 46:23 Leggiero, Honeyfox, Pop Mage - Apologize 49:19 Honeyfox, lost., Pop Mage - Symphony 51:20 Benlon, Pop Mage - Someone You Loved 54:28 Jillian Jensen, lost. & Pop Mage - So Far Away. 58:12 Honeyfox, lost., Pop Mage - Dancing With Your Ghost 01:01:14 Zelli King, lost., Pop Mage - Love Is Gone 01:04:11 Benlon, Pop Mage - Dusk Till Dawn. -------------------------------------------- Night Vibes © Magic Music Group LLC 2022. We own rights to all content uploaded. Any reproduction of this content will result in a Content ID claim. Usage Policy: Night Vibes,Cloud Muzik,sad music,sad songs,depressing songs mix,depressing music,depressing mix,sad music playlist,sad songs playlist,sad songs mix,depressing music mix,sad music mix,depressed mix,sad songs 1 hour,sad music 1 hour,depressing songs 1 hour,depression song,sad songs that make you cry,sad songs for sad people,sad,songs sad,Depressing songs for you to make you feel better


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