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Title:WATCH: Konstantin Kisin’s speech to world leaders at ARC Conference 2023

“There are some people whose brains have been broken. To them our past is abominable and our future is one of managed decline. My message is simple. How Dare You!? You will not steal my son’s future with empty words”. Konstantin Kisin started day 2 of the ARC Conference 2023 with a bang. Konstantin Kisin is a Sunday Times bestselling author, satirist, social commentator, and creator and co-host of the free speech podcast TRIGGERnometry. In 2022, he published An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West. @triggerpod Watch the talks as they are uploaded on our channel. Subscribe to the Channel to keep up-to-date with all the talks from the ARC Conference 2023. Find out more about the ARC here and subscribe the our newsletter for our latest updates: — ARC, the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship, is a global community with a vision of a world where every citizen can prosper, contribute, and flourish. Join us in building this narrative, rejecting the notion of inevitable decline. Instead, let's seek solutions that tap into humanity's highest virtues and remarkable capacity for innovation and ingenuity. The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship has also published several research papers that accompanied the 2023 conference. If you'd like to go deeper into the ideas from the conference, please read our research papers here: Follow us on: X/Twitter - Instagram - Facebook -


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